Sound = quit suddenly

  Dick9 04:10 23 Jan 2004

I have 200 different WAV files. They all quit working at once. No sound from any of them.

The speakers themselves are OK, because MPEG files play loud & clear.
and MPA files are (almost) working properly.

The "troubleshooter" is useless.

  Tog 07:08 23 Jan 2004

Open the advanced volume controls and check that nothing has been muted or turned right down.

  Gary7 07:09 23 Jan 2004

Dick9, at a guess, your player is packing up - more precisely, the WAV decoder maybe corrupt. What program R U using? Try re-installing it (and not running 200 other progs at the same time ;-)). Else there are loadsa WAV/MP3/OGG players to be had for free on the net ... try one of those. Try JetAudio. Or download M$'s latest Plaver v9.0.

P.S. Convert all those WAVs to MP3s - and save yourself a hellofalotta space.

  Dick9 21:46 23 Jan 2004

If I tick "select" under the microphone column, there is a loud screeching noise that lasts until I un-tick it.

  Tog 07:15 27 Jan 2004

That's feedback, the mike picks up a sound, the speakers pump it out louder, the mike picks it up, the speakers pump it out louder, etc, ad nauseam.

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