Sound problem on Evesham pc

  realist 13:33 10 Jan 2007

Since taking delivery of our "new" £1200 Evesham pc last March we've had a recurrent problem whereby about once every week we lose all sound including system sound.

We can get it back by a System Restore back to when we last had sound, but this is annoying to have to do.

At Evesham's suggestion I tried to update the Creative X-FI drivers, but the new drivers won't install because "setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system".

Evesham are now saying it must be a Windows fault and OS would need to be re-installed via PC Angel.

This sounds like a right pain to have to do and I'm inclined to maybe put up with having to do System Restores ad infinitum as the lesser of two evils.

Anyone have any views on this, or any other suggested fixes?


  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:44 10 Jan 2007

have you tryed downloading the driver for your card unzip to folder on pc then uninstalling you sound card in the device manager then reboot when pc starts it will find card then ask for drivers find drivers from a diferent location then select the folder with unzipped files in it may load them that way

  realist 15:01 10 Jan 2007

The new drivers come wrapped up in a 27.9MB exe file, but I do have the original X-FI installation cd.
I'll keep a note of your suggestion and get back to Evesham tomorrow and see what they say.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:44 10 Jan 2007

ok do basically the same remove sound reboot when pc finds new device press cancel then run the .exe file you downloaded

  realist 18:04 10 Jan 2007

Thanks surfmonkey #:@}©

I've now ascertained from the Creative forums that this is a known issue with certain Soundblaster cards ie: driver setup does not recognise installed card.

I'm thinking I should go back to Evesham and request they give me a new card that will accept driver updates and work when it should not just now and then?

  Probabilitydrive 19:32 10 Jan 2007

I have exactly the same problem with my evesham PC and the Creative sound card X-FI fidelity.

Neither the driver nor the sound console did install from the original sound card CD and this after I did a clean install!

I was on the phone to the tech guys at evesham and unfortunately they could not find a solution for this problem.

They said, they will get in touch with Creative in order to find out why I get the "setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system" despite the fact that the sound card is recognized by Windows.

I trailed Creatives forums for a solution alas, without success. The closest I came was click here
Re: X-Fi Software Problems. I am losing my mind over it - Sound Blaster - Creative Labs

  surfmonkey #:@}© 19:46 10 Jan 2007

with you problem
"despite the fact that the sound card is recognized by Windows."
have you tryed installing the card in controlpanel>addhardware>have you already connected device to pc>yes>next scroll down to add new device then the wizard can help u install another device click install hardware manually scroll down to sound video controllers click have disc insert cd if you have one

  realist 20:02 10 Jan 2007


Sorry to hear you are similarly inconvenienced.

From my reading of the Creative forum the company is not too fussed about the problem though they're aware of it.

I think I'll pursue with Evesham as I paid them for the card and a working pc.

  Probabilitydrive 20:57 10 Jan 2007

surfmonkey #:@}©, thanks for your tip.I have not -as yet-tried the route you suggested. I'll wait whether eveshams attempt to get an fix from Creative (or me trawling a bit longer through the web) come up with an answer.

In case not, I'll try your suggestion. There must be an easy answer somehow for this. I doubt that Creative released drivers (on its original CD!!)which simply won't install.

I will also pursue this further with the (very good) evesham guys. Realist, it might pay off to ask them as to how their engineers-in the first place-installed the drivers in the first place...(different driver version?? beta-drivers???)

A lot of people have problems with this card now.

  oldbeefer2 21:05 10 Jan 2007

At least with Evesham, you get someone in the UK to talk to!

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