Sound problem and colour problem

  Fr1dayschild 12:35 13 Sep 2009

I bought a new desktop computer last December thinking that a new monitor was also included in the price but alas it wasn't so, as money was/is tight, I've carried on using my old monitor but the colours aren't right (red appears blue for example) and, although there is sound, when it's at it's highest volume, it isn't very loud at all. I've put up with this for almost 9 months but now I've found this wonderful website I'm hoping someone can help me. As you can probably guess I don't know a great deal about computers although I know you will probably need info to tell me what's wrong but I'm not sure what you will need so ask and I'll tell! Thank you in anticipation

  Jak_1 12:44 13 Sep 2009

1. How old is the monitor and is it crt or tft/lcd?
2. Do you mean sound via the monitor or external speakers?
3. What Operating System, XP or Vista?

  Fr1dayschild 13:09 13 Sep 2009

1.The monitor is about 7 or 8 years old and I'm afraid I don't know what the 2nd part of the first question means.

2.I mean sound via external speakers that are attached to the side of the monitor.

3. It is XP

  Jak_1 14:12 13 Sep 2009

crt = cathode ray tube, similar to the old type of tv's. Tft/lcd is like the new flat panel tv's.

For the sound, how are you adjusting the sound. via the speakers themselves or by the volume control on the pc? By that I mean by clicking on the volume icon in the bottom rt hand corner of the screen and adjusting from there.

  Fr1dayschild 14:22 13 Sep 2009

I assume it's crt cos it's not a flat panel type. I'm adjusting it by the volume control on screen because the speakers don't appear to have volume control on them

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