sound problem...

  NIGEY 19:54 09 Mar 2008

Hi Guys,
Can anyone please help with my now very annoying problem.
Im running windows vista home premium and when ever i try to play my music wether it be audio cd's or mp3's Iv d/loaded the sound level goes up and down slightly,Ive tried installing a new creative sound card (xfi) I purchased thinking this could be the problem but even with this intalled it still does it.the sound card im using is a realtek hd soundcard the computer is a dell inspiron 530s.The funny thing is when listening to any other sound ie youtube or iplayer on the bbc or even live radio over the net it doesnt happen... ONLY WHEN I LISTEN TO MUSIC?? Can anyone please shred any light on this annoying little complaint??
Thanx in advance,

  rossgolf 20:05 09 Mar 2008

what are you using to play the music?

  NIGEY 20:10 09 Mar 2008

ive tried Winamp,itunes,wmp11 all have the same result,they are files i have carried over from my old comp on to this new one using a extrnal drive even tried playing them straight from the external drive but still the sound decreases a little every couple of seconds.

  citadel 20:20 09 Mar 2008

have you updated the xfi driver for vista as there were problems with earlier drivers in vista.

  NIGEY 20:25 09 Mar 2008

i unistalled the xfi card and since have taken it back to the shop and now use the original realtek hd sound because it happenedwhilst using at a loss as to whats going on.

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