Sound Output Problems

  pcolvin00 22:08 27 Mar 2003

Yes, it's me again, and yes yet another problem that I can't fathom out. Just upgraded to XP Home and everything is fine except for one thing. I am using a 5.1 surround sound system and everytime I start up, windows decides that it will only play the music/explosions/whatever through stereo channels, so I only get front left and front right and nothing out of the other 4 speakers. I go into Control>Sounds And Audio Devices>Speaker Settings>Advanced and there is a drop down list to select speaker setup. I want it to default to 5.1 surround but it will only stay there until the next I reboot when it will be back on stereo. And believe me it makes a HUGE difference. I am running an SB Platinum Live! w/LiveDrive IR, Gigabyte GA 7IXE mobo, 950Mhz Athlon, 320Mb RAM, Riva TNT2 Graphics, going to a Nisis S7 Speaker system, there is nothing wrong with any components, just XP trying to make sound/explosions/whatever very boring.

  flecc 22:23 27 Mar 2003

I can only suggest that you try upgrading the soundcard drivers.

There are quite a few problems with Creative Soundcards and Windows XP, and the newer Audigy cards are just a difficult.

  pcolvin00 11:44 28 Mar 2003

already done that, got the most up-to-date ones on the Creative website, doesn't make any difference, is there some registry key I can edit or anything?

  graham 12:59 28 Mar 2003

Put 5.1 in the search facility and you will see you are not alone!

  eccomputers 22:14 31 Mar 2003

doesnt seem to happen on my xp pro machine

  britto 22:35 31 Mar 2003

can you go ,start/programs/creative/soundblaster live/speaker preset setup. this starts a wizard to configure my speakers and enables a default setting i think.

  pcolvin00 11:03 01 Apr 2003

This seems to have solved the problem, but I've already tried it, don't know why it should stop it this time?????????? Anyway thanks ppl

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