Sound from only 1 Speaker (Realtek HD Audio)

  warspite014 22:33 29 Jun 2008

Hello all, I am a newbie in this here forum but would sure appreciate some help. I have acer aspire PC (Vista) with Realtek HD Audio card. I have the cheapest pair of stereo speakers I could find plugged in to the line out (lime green jack) on the rear of the PC. When I play audio files all sound comes from just one speaker.. thought that perhaps speakers were just rubbish but then i had the same problem when i sent the sound via a Kenwood sound system.. ie all sound from one speaker.. I have tried numerous things to get sound from t'other speaker but no joy thus far!

I happened to download BBC iPlayer today (as I had missed Dr Who last night!) and when I watched Dr Who earlier I got sound from both speakers!!

Hoorah! I cried... but sadly I still have the problem.. when I play audio from say iTunes or from saved MP3's all sound from just the 1 speaker but I get sound through both when watching iPlayer downloads!

Have i waffled a little too much?

If anybody has read this far I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer.

Kind Regards x

  woodchip 22:38 29 Jun 2008

If you are getting sound from one speaker its most likely a Hardware Problem. Could be anything from a dud Speaker to a bad connection in the Jack plug that shoves in the back of the computer etc

  woodchip 22:40 29 Jun 2008

Could also be a faulty stereo socket at the back what you plug into. Or a Channel on the card as gone down

  chub_tor 22:43 29 Jun 2008

If you get sound from both speakers with iplayer then it is not a speaker problem. Could be balance - try going into the Mixer and see if slider is in the middle. Could be that you have it set to Mono instead of Stereo and that might be a function of which player you are using at the time. Go to Control Panel, Sound settings and have a play around. It must be a setting somewhere.

  woodchip 22:50 29 Jun 2008

Are the Stereo jack plugs on all the Hardware the same as iplayer. Check length and the insolation rings are in the same place

  warspite014 23:54 29 Jun 2008

thanks guys for all your suggestions, will keep having a play.. for sure the speakers might be cheap but both do work! It just seemed strange that they should both work with iPlayer but not anything else! Checked the balance and that's OK.. the mono/stereo thing sounds like a winner but am yet to find such a setting.. keep the ideas coming... all help appreciated!

  Stuartli 00:10 30 Jun 2008

I have Realtek audio - its configuration panel includes the means to select various speaker setups such as stereo, 4.1 and 5.1.

Another possibility is that you have the balance control incorrectly set as chub_tor suggests in one of your hardware devices or program configurations (WMP and similar, for instance, also offer sound and video options).

  Ditch999 11:06 30 Jun 2008

Have a look in Volume Control. Click on Advanced and Speaker settings if you have them. Make sure all formats eg Wave, are set to stereo and that balance is in the middle.

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