Sound level fluctuation - Creative 5.1spkr/Audigy2

  Sweet Paramania 19:58 01 Feb 2005

I have for some time been experiencing intermitent fluctuation in speaker volume from my PC. I am running a pretty new system with a Creative speaker set-up and an internal Audigy 2 ZS.

All external connections have been checked, drivers are pretty recent, and have run Creative Diagnostics and have had no problems reported.

When the volume changes it is a noticable, and annoying change, and is relatively frequent, generally occuring in bouts.

Can't think that there is any excess heat in the tower. Considered that card could be loose, but very much doubt it.

Pretty stuck really. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

  Totally-braindead 20:36 01 Feb 2005

It could be lots of things, wonder if it might be the power supply. To check if this is what it is suggest you disconnect one of your cd drives(presuming you have more than one) and anything else you're not using at the time and see if it still does it. You can also check what power supply you have and see how much power you system uses click here

  trainee-vic 21:01 01 Feb 2005

I did have the same problem until I upgraded Windows Media Player to V10.

  Sweet Paramania 21:22 01 Feb 2005

Worked it out to be about 315W, but I think my PSU is 400W. I'll have to check.

  Sweet Paramania 21:23 01 Feb 2005

Oh and I have upgraded to WMP 10 recently and the problem is, as you know, still there. Oh, and thanks.

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