Sound hums and buzzes

  MickinPlymouthUK 22:06 24 Oct 2006

Since getting my repaired/upgraded computer back from the shop a few weeks ago the sound hasn't been quite right, nothing at all serious, just intermittent short hums and buzzes which soon go away and I can live with it, its not worth lugging my PC back to the shop again
But do you think I could have a shot at fixing it myself (I'm PC-illiterate).
Are there any specific buttons or sliders somewhere that I can juggle to see if it helps?

  sean-278262 22:13 24 Oct 2006

Turn the PC off and unplug everything. Sit it on a level surface and gently but not too gently rock it from side to side in an effort to dislodge anything that may have fallen into the way of fans or what not. Plug it back together and see if it goes back to working the way it should. My desktop at home did the same after playing with its guts and this solved it as it appeared to be some dust near the fan. If it doesnt go away then you may have to open the case up and see what may be causing the noise.

  octal 22:24 24 Oct 2006

It could possibly be a cable touching the fan blades, it's easy just to take the side off and have a peek inside to make sure all the cables are out of the way.

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