Sound heard with headphones not through speakers

  sajeev 13:23 31 Oct 2012

I am unable to hear any sounds (system or audio) from my laptop speakers. However, I am able to hear sounds when using headphones (USB or regular) with Skype and some videos, but not with the large majority of Youtube videos. I am using Dell Inspiron 700m, Windows XP Home, Sigma Tel audio I have run all the trouble shooters with no change. Please advise. Thanks

  lotvic 13:44 31 Oct 2012

Has it always been like that? or is it since there was some change to your system?

Have you checked to see if the speakers are muted?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:14 31 Oct 2012

been caught with this one myself laptop ad both software mute (shows on screen) and hardware mute button (not shown on screen)

  woodchip 16:25 31 Oct 2012

Could be the ear phone jack that's faulty, contacts inside it stuck together on phones, as the jack is only a switch from speaker to earphones. when you plug phones in it brakes speaker contacts and connects earphones

  sajeev 21:39 31 Oct 2012

Thanks for the replies.

Lotvic: no it was working perfectly till a month ago when the speaker developed a tinny sound on using laptop speakers (built in) but fully clear when using headphones. Now the problem has gotten worse as I have described. I have not changed anything important in my software or hardware. Fruit bat: The volume icon in the systray is not muted. When I go into Sound and devices, everything is shown to be working well and enabled. I don't really know what the hardware mute button is. Woodchip: How can I fix it if this is the problem? Thanks very much

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 31 Oct 2012

does your laptop have a volume control (wheel)near where you plug in the headphones?

  woodchip 22:10 31 Oct 2012

You could try a spray of Switch Cleaner in the socket, from Maplin's Do not flood it. It does evaporate, as soon as you have sprayed it in, plug the jack in and out a few times. it may just work

  sajeev 22:31 31 Oct 2012

fruitbat: no wheel woodchip: I live in a part of the world where there is no Maplins. Any other common or generic brand that I can use? If you can let me know what the main ingredient the cleaner contains, I can try and source it locally. I guess WD 40 would be a no! no!

  woodchip 09:03 02 Nov 2012

No WD40

  woodchip 09:17 02 Nov 2012

Any Electronics shop should have Switch Cleaner Name Servicol

Click where to buy

  Terry Brown 10:39 02 Nov 2012

As the Built in speaker has developed a 'Tinny' sound, it would suggest that the speaker itself has developed a fault. Have you an external speaker that you could plug in to test it, if not , hunt round the second hand shops / charity shops or Ebay Etc, or maybe borrow one from a friend.


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