Sound has (almost) gone

  jaydoubleyou 14:28 24 Mar 2004

I have a Mesh PC with an Asus A7N266-VM motherboard with onboard sound. Recently I fitted a DVD writer, and after this was fitted the sound is very quiet and only comes out in the left channel (this is ALL sound, not from the writer, which is not connected to the m/board as I already have a CD player/writer to play CDs and DVDs).
I took anti-static precautions while fitting the DVD writer - in fact I do not believe I touched the motherboard at all (had no need to). I reported the problem to Mesh, who had me uninstall and reinstall the drivers, to no avail, try the speakers with a CD Walkman (they work perfectly), and of course I've fiddled with the nVidia control panel as much as I can.
Now Mesh have sent me a label to return the computer to them for investigation (the machine is still under warranty). However, I am reluctant to do so because -
a) if they believe the fault is as a result of another component being installed, they will charge for the repair
b) if I decide not to go ahead with the repair, they will charge me to inspect it
c) if they look at it and find nothing wrong they'll charge me for that
I get the feeling I'm going to get charged anyway, so I'm looking for steps I can take to rectify the situation before I send it back.
I'm looking for suggestions as to what the cause of the problem might have been and how I can rectify it without Mesh's involvement.
Any ideas?

  Sethhaniel 14:35 24 Mar 2004

the back of the CD rom drive -
as normally the sound is connected through the CD drive

  jaydoubleyou 15:05 24 Mar 2004

Would that affect MP3s and system sounds, or just sound from the CD drive?

  Sethhaniel 15:10 24 Mar 2004

but some system sounds use the internal speaker
Experience with PCWorld computer only some sounds and third party programs played - tried all different downloads and reinstalls -
on opening case to find out what was causing clickingnoise found lead with white four pin socket loose and catching on fan - found the only place it went was into the four pin outlet on back of CD drive - and all music restored

  jaydoubleyou 16:34 24 Mar 2004

I just tried it - ensuring the lead was pushed home on the back of the CD drive and in the motherboard, still no joy.
Thanks for the suggestion!

  Stuartli 17:44 24 Mar 2004

Have you checked the Volume Control's Mixer panel?

An input/output may be muted or the slider turned down or, alternatively, you may have a program such as Windows Media Player, with its own volume control, at a lower setting than usual.

Using a rewriter as a player as well is not advisable - CD and DVD rewrtiers are not the most robust of components at the best of times longevity wise and it's best to keep them for their main purpose i.e. burning.

You will probably need to ensure that one of your drives is the Master and the other the Slave - most likely the DVD as the Master.

  jaydoubleyou 18:10 24 Mar 2004

Yes, I've fiddled about with the mixer panel, slid volumes up and down, checked boxes, unchecked boxes. I also have a dual boot with Mandrake Linux - same thing.
Don't know if it's connected to the new drive - tried disconnecting the DVD writer and the same happens.

  gudgulf 18:27 24 Mar 2004

Have you checked the most obvious thing--that when you opened the case the exterior speaker connections have become dislodged slightly?

  jaydoubleyou 19:53 24 Mar 2004

the same occurs when listening through the headphone socket at the front of the machine, so I don't think it's the speaker connections.
I wish it was something that obvious!

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