Sound-hardware problem with laptop

  PauliRP 21:50 28 Jan 2007

Hi, I'm Pauli. I'm new here.

I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop from fall 2004.
It won't play any sound at all anymore. I've checked all normal settings, and I even tried reinstalling the driver and I tried Windows Restore. None of it has helped, which leads me to think that it is most likely a hardware problem.

The problem occured on thurday night 10 days ago, when a guy borrowed my laptop to make a video presentation, and then he told me that they couldn't get any sound. They had tried to check what was wrong and tampered with some of the settings, but nothing serious.

I had a similar problem in fall 2005 (when it was still under warranty). I had hooked the laptop up to a soundboard through the minijack-phone-output, and since there was a mismatch with the electric polarities of the laptop and the soundboard it was too much for my soundboard. My dealer had to change the entire motherboard, which would have cost me £700 had it not been under warranty.

Can someone help me? Will I have to change the motherboard?

  skidzy 21:53 28 Jan 2007

Firstly pauli welcome to PCA,can you first try the codec pack just in case you have missing or broken codecs click here

  PauliRP 21:57 28 Jan 2007

Thanks, Skidzy. I'll try that.

  PauliRP 22:10 28 Jan 2007

Ok, tried installing the codec pack. Still no sound.

  skidzy 22:14 28 Jan 2007

Check device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.
And also run belarc ,look under multimedia and post back the details click here

  PauliRP 22:30 28 Jan 2007

I found no exclamation marks, and belarc didn't give a whole lot of info.
All it said under multimedia was "SigmaTel C-Major Audio", which is the name of my soundcard. No links or nothing.

  skidzy 22:36 28 Jan 2007

Have you tried this driver click here

I take you do not have the Dell utilities disc ?

  skidzy 22:38 28 Jan 2007

Just to check something..sounds silly but you are not stuck on Mute !

open control panel/Sounds and audio devices/Volume and check the mute box is not ticked.

  brundle 22:39 28 Jan 2007

Look for the Fn key and any blue speaker-esque icons on your keyboard, press them at the same time.

  PauliRP 22:44 28 Jan 2007

Yah, I have the Dell utilities disk. I've tried both updating the driver through the internet and also reinstalling from the utilities disc. It's not muted. The link led to nowhere.

Brundle, that didn't do anything.

  PauliRP 22:45 28 Jan 2007

In fact support.gateway isn't responding at all.

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