Sound editing

  muscic lover 20:16 07 Feb 2003

I am running windows Me on a reasonable machine and a smile!
How can I edit a sound file i have made at work of my own music without the works software?
I sent it as an MP3 to my home address so that i can work on it.
I have windows media player and Winamp 3. I need to finish it before the end of the weeken (my boss will bust me if I don't !) Can anybody help save a still smiling person.
All i need to do is edit off a moment before the end of the track and some rubbish that was recorded at the end, leaving only the bit we need?

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 20:25 07 Feb 2003

Have a look here click here
d/l the free trial version and away you go.......simple.

  Pesala 20:38 07 Feb 2003

Freeware from Nonags click here

Record from microphone, edit MP3 and export MP3 with the help of lame_enc.dll, which is also free. Do a Google Search. Sounds like this one will be useful in the future too. Excellent prog, basic, small, 2 channels, cut edit amplify, no obvious size limits. I imported one hour talks in MP3 format over 20 Mbytes.

  muscic lover 20:51 07 Feb 2003

Cheers guys!
I think you have saved my butt (pardon the expression) from a good hiding!

Shall install and run

Sincere thanks!

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