Sound distortion and computer slow down!

  barney-dave 21:32 28 Dec 2006

Hello all

I am in desperate need of advice.

My system is Intel P4 2.6
512 Ram
Running XP
Use AC97 Realtek soundcard

My problem is that my computer, when tasked with opening an application, heck even loading up windows itself, and the sound distorts.

I have tried:

The latest drivers (and some older ones) for sound card, I have virus checked, tried different speakers, volumes etc. I don't mind rechecking if someone has an opinion on this problem but can anyone help? The only last thing I can think of is adding to my RAM, but surely 512 ram should be able to handle loading XP?

Hopefully someone can save my sanity! Am I alone in this problem?

  mike1967 21:35 28 Dec 2006

I had a similar problem and never really cured it, but when running games etc everything is ok and runs perfectly, its just the initial loading of the various programs is the problem.

Any my pc is roughly the same spec as yours

not a medion is it?

  barney-dave 12:01 29 Dec 2006

Strangely enough it is a Medion. Perhaps I should contact them direct? Mike, Did you make contact with them at all?

Has anyone got any ideas....I am drawing a blank!

  mike1967 18:23 29 Dec 2006

No just got myself a new sound card. but strangley the sound issue is still there, but it does most things well its just loading up taked longer than it should

  barney-dave 20:50 29 Dec 2006

Strange that, but it ruins my Itunes when I want to say open a document! Bizzare that 512 ram cannot handle that. I am going to ring medion tomorrow see if I have any luck, I know its not speakers, I have downloaded latest driver (3.95, cannot get 3.96 links don't work) and by the sounds of it a new sound card does not work, very puzzling.

I will let you know what medion say, I dont think we are the only ones either!

  barney-dave 11:34 30 Dec 2006

I contacted Medion who said do a system reboot, so having to back everything up at the minute, the say it sounds like software.

Oh well, gonna try different things first though, anybody already done this?

  mike1967 12:49 30 Dec 2006

I haven't I'm kinda happy to live with the slow loading of programs

Do you say things like word etc don't even load?

  barney-dave 09:31 31 Dec 2006

Yeah, if I am running anything playing music, sound card tester or itunes, and i try and open excel, or word the music stutters and everything slow, its a bit fustrating for me I have to say

  skidzy 09:40 31 Dec 2006

Ok,couple of things to try.

To try and speed up the pc,reduce the load at startup.

Start/Run and type MSCONFIG and enter/Select startup/Untick everything except your Anti virus and Firewall/ok and reboot.

Have you tried this driver for your sound click here

Also try the system file checker:

Start/Run and typr sfc /scannow (note the space /)

Understanding sfc
click here

  barney-dave 13:59 01 Jan 2007

Thanks for that, I have done the config, I shall try the other two


  barney-dave 22:01 15 Jan 2007

Ok I have tried everything, the scannow too. Nothing is happening. I have read many forum responses from all over the place. A couple of things I would like to ask people on are:

Is it worth trying a different soundcard (but would this help the stuttering of the programmes that occurs when the sound stutters?

Would a bios update help, I think there is on available for my MoBo.

I have to say I am banging my head against a brick wall!

Any ideas, I need your help!

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