Sound disappears after 10 mins.....

  Minkey1 17:36 20 Mar 2005

Hi folks

My PC has SoundMax integrated audio playing through HK Creatures 2.1 speakers. Just recently the sound disappears after the pc has been on for a bit. Up to then I can play music files etc and listen to my music subscription service. If I close those, do something else, then go back - the sound's gone ?

The speakers have been tested on another device and work fine. I've checked and double checked all volume/Device Mgr settings, and everything is enabled and says this device is working normally.

Strangely, if I use the built in TV tuner, the sound is OK, and if I re-boot, the system sound plays. On re-starting, system sounds play and other audio sources, then it goes again (apart from the TV).

If I try to play a DVD movie, the picture judders and Task Mgr shows CPU useage jumping well up, although the PC is a 3.4 P4 with 1 gig of RAM.

The only thing I can think of is that the comp seems to run warm with fans constantly on. Everest shows these temps, but I don't know if these are within parameters, even after checking Intel's site:

Motherboard 36 °C (97 °F)
CPU 55 °C (131 °F)
Aux 37 °C (99 °F)
WDC WD2000BB-98GUA0 33 °C (91 °F)

Cooling Fans:
CPU 1896 RPM
Chassis 1688 RPM
Power Supply 1350 RPM

I don't know whether integrated sound etc can be affected by internal temperatures ?

I recently fitted a PCI card to get extra USB sockets if this is relevant. I've just spent the week-end reinstalling XP and everything else but the sound problem continues.

The comp is still under warranty but if it's something I can fix myself I'd rather do that than send it off to Sony for however long.

I'd be grateful for any ideas.



  howard60 21:25 20 Mar 2005

it does sound like a heat problem - have you tried taking the cover off and checking that the fans are running? From the mobo manual can you find the position of the sound chip on the board. If it is close to the new pci card it might be deflecting heat onto the chip. If this is the case try moving the pci card to a different slot.

  Minkey1 21:48 20 Mar 2005


Thanks for this. The fans are running - I can hear them ! Its a shop bought Sony PC so I've no mobo manual, but the Everest system checker describes it as an ASUSTek P4SD-VL. If the sound chip is behind where my speakers plug in, its a bit away from the new pci card. Whats weird is that when the sound disappears on music files or web streaming audio, its still OK on the TV tuner ?

Theres no spare pci slots so I could take the new card out and try it without - the problem does seem to have arisen about the time I fitted it. Problem is I can't run the kit I want to without the extra sockets and I've had problems with hubs before - hence going for the card. Why they don't put enough USB sockets in in the first place I don't know !

Do you think heat/issues with the new card would explain DVD's juddering and stopping ?



  howard60 22:03 20 Mar 2005

try swapping your pci cards in the slots - daft as it seems this sometimes fixes things

  Minkey1 22:10 20 Mar 2005


There's only the 1 slot (which I used) spare - the other slots are taken up with other cards in use for the monitor/TV/modem and I'll likely end up making things worse ! I think I'll try taking the USB card out altogether and see if the sound/DVD sort themselves out.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll mark it as resolved for now.



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