sound chip or speakers?

hi, i have a thrown together pc i use for vista, it's using the onboard sound of a asus nodusm motherboard which is realtek. plugged into the light green 3.5m socket at the rear is a 5 speaker jvc speaker system,
whatever volume the speakers or pc is set to there is an annoying sound, i thought it ws a fan catching in the case, but its the speakers, it sounds like a very quiet cricket. i have reran all the mains and speaker cables, makes no difference, i have done the hold the power button in with the lead off thing, no change. so do you think this is, a, the sound chip, should i get a sound card? b, duff speakers or maybe a small cricket? sorry!
i cannot try the speakers in my other pc, as it has a custom connection.
many thanks

  Technotiger 21:33 07 Jul 2007

Hi, I would definitely go the soundcard route.

i thought as much, should any card work? it's using vista hp, which seems to find its own drivers for the sound/ mobo etc.
thanks for the help.

  Joe R 21:42 07 Jul 2007

adman 2,

I have heard the sound you talk about before, and in my case it was a loose connection in the lead from the soundcard to the speakers.

As Marg7 states, you could try a set of headphones first, and this would immediately identify the culprit.

  Technotiger 21:43 07 Jul 2007

No, not just any card, Soundblaster Audigy 2, with drivers from Creative should work with Vista.

thanks marg7, must have read your mind, theres no noise if i plug headphones into the pc, however i get the same noise if i plug the 'phones into the sub. i bought the speakers yesterday, have just tried them on a cd player and a combo amplifier and there is no problems. but i dont get this noise when i plug the monitor speakers in?
all the cables are miles away from anything that may interfere.
so i think the amp in the sub is exagerating a noise from the mobo maybe? god why do i have to mess?

many thanks all, will try a sound card and post back my findings.

  Technotiger 21:49 07 Jul 2007

Good luck, will look back later to see how you get on.

arggh! which one?
click here

thanks again

  Stuartli 22:14 07 Jul 2007

Realtek has Vista drivers for its onboard sound chipsets. See:

click here (basic) or:

click here (HD version).

The Realtek website downloads are very slow by the way.

Have you configured the sound setup properly from the Sound Man panel?

The line in/out sockets are used for surround sound purposes and you have to select the correct combination of sockets lineup in the panel.

I use Realtek onboard sound (switched back to it from a SoundBlaster live! and, to be honest, there's very little difference in the overall quality using a good set of IBM 2.1 speakers.

  Technotiger 22:18 07 Jul 2007

As I mentioned above - Audigy 2. I believe Creative do have Vista drivers for this one.

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