Sound cards - now completly confused!

  fazer 11:32 06 Mar 2005

Yesterday I went into PC World with the intention of buying an external sound card. I had reservations about using an USB 2 interface card with my USB1 system but was assured by the "floor Staff" that all would be ok. However, upon reaching the checkout, I was lucky enough to find myself behind an expert who cutting a long story short, advised me against it - and the checkout guy agreed. So back to the shelves.

PC World don't sell any firewire interfaced cards so I had to look for an internal card. Could'nt find any that mentioned the word "Dolby" and could'nt find anything that was in AGP-slot format. So finally, here are my question(s)-

When these manufacturers state 5:1 and 7;1 sound etc, is it really Dolby or THX etc or is it a case of some pseudo-decoding?

Are AGP sound cards available (PC World think not!)?

  g0nvs 11:38 06 Mar 2005

AGP slot for graphics cards. PCI slots for sound cards. Myself been using a Soundblaster Live 5.1 for years, a bit dated now I know but sound is good, now you can get them for about £20.

  fazer 11:46 06 Mar 2005

Thank you g0nvs for a quick response.

So that I am absolutely clear on this - are you saying that sound cards are always PCI and that should'nt be a problem for me regardless of my computer being three years old (I'm probably being thick, but I thought PCI was a new format).

Sorry for being cheeky - any views on the Dolby bit?

  ACOLYTE 11:51 06 Mar 2005

Dolby sound is good if you can get a 5.1 or even 7.1 sound card and you also need the speakers to go with it,sound cards fit in PCI slots and most are generic so any sound card should fit.

  fazer 11:54 06 Mar 2005

Thank you both. I'm off to do some shopping !

  Stuartli 11:58 06 Mar 2005

The confusion probably arises because some outlets list sound, video, modem and LAN add-in cards under "PCI/AGP Cards" in their index.

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