Sound cards

  phil2816 23:08 27 Dec 2005

Hey there, this may seem very stupid but what does a sound card actually do?can anyone recomend any good sound cards?How much ££?Any good links to websites?Thanks!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 07:38 28 Dec 2005

A sound card is simply the component that produces audio on your PC; sometimes it is "on board" ie built in to the motherboard. The quality of on baord sound has increased a lot in recent years.

How much you will have to pay all depends on how much you want to pay and what you want it for - a decent surround system can be got for about £50 but you can get them from £10 (or less) up to a few hundred.

IF you give more details of what you want, someone will be able to suggest a suitable option for you.

  phil2816 11:21 28 Dec 2005

thanks..that helps a lot. Its just i need a good sound card because i work a lot with MIDI (programs like Cubase SX)Do you know of any sound cards which specialise in MIDI sounds? Thanks

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