Sound Card Users - Please Advise...?

  al7478 14:26 29 Sep 2007

I have on board sound at the moment in a dell 5150 with Logitech Z2300 2.1 speakers.

I'm considering getting a sound card, but have no experience in the area and, naturally, dont want to waste money.

I'm not a gamer, nor do i need to record - im no musician, just a listener. but my PC is effectively my stereo also, so im looking to get the best i can out of music, and dont really want to go above a 2.1 system, so just want to get the best out of my current speakers.

I know i've probably missed some info, but thatll all come out.

So what are people's experiences of the benefits of soundcards?

  PO79 14:37 29 Sep 2007

To be honest, for what you require I would stay with what you have. Onboard sound is not so bad these days for listening to music.

  al7478 14:48 29 Sep 2007

I thought that may be the view of some, but some of the online demos I've heard (i forget exactly which, but Creative demos) have shown a definite increase in sound quality.

That said, many thanks for the input, as, like i said, i dont want to spend money unnecassarily, so yours may be the best tack.

  Technotiger 14:49 29 Sep 2007

I agree with PO79, I do have a Sound Card but mine connects to my TV/VCR/Camcorder/HiFi, but for just listening to music your on-board sound should be quite adequate, and certainly cheapest option.

  al7478 14:50 29 Sep 2007

Thats interesting technotiger, why do you connect yours that way?

  Technotiger 14:53 29 Sep 2007

We were typing at same time - it is true that a sound card can greatly enhance the quality, but if you don't want to spend, then stick with your on-board sound. Though having said that, a good sound card is not too expensive, mine is a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy2.

  Technotiger 14:59 29 Sep 2007

My system gives me multi-choices. I can view and record to vhs from my camcorder from my tv and from my pc and cd/dvd. I can record to vhs tape anything I am doing on the pc, I can play games on my pc, record them and then watch them on my tv etc etc etc. I can play music and video from several sources and record to several types of media. I can watch TV on my pc, including all the free to view digital channels. I can grab still pictures from any of the above mentioned sources to print or make slide-shows and the list goes on and on!!! :-))

  al7478 15:08 29 Sep 2007

Good Lord! I might have to talk to you when i get a new PC and 1 of those new fangled LCD TV's, as itd be great to control my music from a big screen!

But what is the effect of the soundcard with your setup?

Your card is along the lines that im thinking of - maybe the extreme music one they do? Tho amazon reviews indicate that that is only available as oem now. What that means im not too sure lol!

I'm not saying i dont want to spend as such, just that i dont need to take it to extremes (Maybe £200+ would be extreme, based on my research so far, but i know little of where i speak!). I am perfectly willing to spend 100+ tho, if im sure itll be of benefit.

I'm popping out now, but keep it coming folks, and ill respond asap!

  Technotiger 15:15 29 Sep 2007

You don't need to spend that much, I have not looked lately, but I guess you could get a decent card for about £50.

Wow, just checked, they have certainly come down in price since I last looked. So I would now say go for it, get a Soundblaster Audigy2 from Amazon, grrreat value ......

click here

  al7478 15:19 29 Sep 2007

I guess your card aids connectivity aswell as providing good sound?

Is there much to play with in the sense of software to enhance the sound, that comes with the card?

And if one pays more than that, what extras are you paying for?

OK, really am off out now!

Thanks again!

  al7478 15:20 29 Sep 2007

P.S. Technotiger, have you ever used anything such as SRS Audio Sandbox software?

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