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  edenworkshops 18:33 20 Apr 2011


I had a PC built for me a couple of years ago, and now the sound card on the mother board has had it.

I understood that I had to go into BIOS and de-select the sound card so that windows doesn't select the mother board sound card on start up.

I know a little about the BIOS, but nowhere could I find anything at all to do with "sound".

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thank you


  chub_tor 19:09 20 Apr 2011

Go into the BIOS, Look for Integrated Peripherals on the Main Menu, Then when on that page look for On Board Audio Function or something similar, then use Page Up/Page Down to change from Enabled to Disabled. Go back to the Main Menu using Esc then select Save and Exit.

  edenworkshops 20:04 20 Apr 2011

Hello chub_tor

Integrated Peripherals does not exist in my BIOS, this is all I have listed.

System Time System Date Legacy diskette A Legacy Diskette B Primary IDE Master Primary IDE Slave Secondary IDE Master Secondary IDE Slave IDE Configuration System Information

I have entered all of these headings, and no where can I see anything remotely connected to sound.


  chub_tor 09:58 21 Apr 2011

I have never seen a BIOS with just those settings, can you tell us more about your PC? When you boot up it should say the BIOS suppliers name at the top of the screen, or failing that do you know what the motherboard is? You can find out all your machine details by downloading and running SIW SIW

Scroll down to get the free version. Then let us know what it says about the BIOS and the motherboard.

  edenworkshops 11:37 21 Apr 2011

Hello chub_tor

Thank you for taking time out to help me on this.

I noticed when in the BIOS that there are tabs across the top of the screen.

The "MAIN" tab has the entries I mentioned in my previous post.

There is an "ADVANCED" tab which has these entries:

USB configuration. CPU Configuration. Chipset. Onboard devices configuration. PCIPnP.

There is a "POWER" tab which has the following entries:

Suspend mode. Repost video on S3 resume. ACPI 2.0 support. ACPI APIC support. APM configuration. Hardware monitor.

There is a "BOOT" tab which has the following entries:

Boot device priority. Boot settings configuration. Security.

These various entries have sub entries, none of which mention anything to do with sound.

I was unable to get the BIOS suppliers name, as it only appears for a split second and then the BIOS appears.

My mother board information is as follows:

Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer Inc., P4P800-MX, Rev 1.xx, MB-1234567890

I hope this gives you enough to go on.

If neccessary I can list all the sub entries, but there are quite a few of them, and as I say, there is no mention of anything specificaly to do with sound.

Thank you.


  chub_tor 17:30 21 Apr 2011

Go into the BIOS. Click on the Advanced tab and then on the entry that says On Board Devices. You should find On Board AC97 Audio and this will be set to Auto. Change this to Disabled using the Arrow keys on your keyboard, then F10 to Save and Exit (you may be prompted to press Y for Yes). You can find your Motherboard Manual [Click Here][1]

[1]: and on that page you should see Download this Manual - it is pdf file so you will need Adobe Reader or Foxit to read it.

  chub_tor 17:34 21 Apr 2011

OK that link to Click Here didn't work but here is how I found it - Google Asus P4P800 manual, look for the FixYa link and when it opens up click on the Download this Manual link. It is a free download.

  edenworkshops 17:42 21 Apr 2011

Thank you chub_tor

I found the entry in question and will disable it.

When it comes to fitting the new sound card will the PC automaticaly find it?

Thank you so much for your help.


  chub_tor 18:30 21 Apr 2011

Yes Windows should find it and automatically install the driver for you.

  edenworkshops 18:50 21 Apr 2011

That's it then.

Thank you very much for your help, truly appreciated.


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