Sound Card for a P166

  Stuart Leyland 16:11 22 Feb 2003


I have managed to get hold of an old PC from my auntie for my sister to use for homework and chatting to her mates. However, that's not enough for the little darling who wants to be able to play her CDs on the computer as well!

So I thought, fair enough, an cheap sound card will do. So I went to Microdirect's (a company based in Manchester, near to me) website (click here) and ordered the Genius Sound maker Value 4.1 (I apologise if that is not the correct name but I cannot seem to access their website properly at the minute) at £10.58.

After many attempts at installing it, I gave up and returned it today thinking it was faulty because it wasn't being picked up. As it turns out, the sound card was supposed to be for computers with a processor greater than P266.

So now I'm in the hunt to find a sound card that will work with a P166. Has anyone got any suggestions or am I out of luck?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


  jazzypop 16:31 22 Feb 2003

Any of the Soundblaster PCI range will be fine. The 'top of the range' Soundblaster PCI 512 only needs a 133 - see click here

The trick now is to find one :)

  hamelin 16:37 22 Feb 2003

Hi Stuart

Give these guys a try click here they say they have old cards but do not list any on the website. May be worth an email though.

  jazzypop 16:43 22 Feb 2003

Just a thought...

If you have a PCWorld nearby, pop in and look at their Component Centre range - you might well find one there.

  jazzypop 16:47 22 Feb 2003

Scan have them for less than £10 (Soundblaster PCI 128).

Go to click here and click on the soundcard link at the top of the screen

  Stuart Leyland 17:20 22 Feb 2003


You are indeed a star =) I've just ordered the sound card and it should arrive on Tuesday. Me is extremely happy now. Cheers from both me, my sister and my Dad (who is sick of travelling the 20 or so miles to Microdirect ;)).

Thanks to hamelin for that link. I've got that one saved in memory for future use.



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