Sound Card - no Sound

  wingfield 14:54 01 Sep 2004

I've had problems with the sound card integral to the motherboard. It appears that this particular make has some fundamental problems no matter what board it's fitted to. So I decided to get another sound card and duly fitted it. I installed the drivers but cannot get any sound out of it.
Do I have to uninstall the onboard card or configure the new one to be the primary sound device. I can't play any sounds at all whether from stuff on the hard drive or from CD's. Whereas the on board one will at least play Cd's.

  buscrew 16:07 01 Sep 2004

There will be an option in the bios to disable on board sound, Reboot and during the POST press whatever is required (F2 - Del etc), look for an option to diable the on board sound, press F10 to save and exit, and allow the PC to reboot into windows. Yom might also check the Volume properties to see if there is a check in the mute box(es). Try this and post back if no luck to try some more options.

  SEASHANTY 16:09 01 Sep 2004

Your motherboard manual should tell you how to disable onboard sound in the bios.

  wingfield 19:05 01 Sep 2004

I've done that but no change. I have found that when I go into settings > control panel > sounds and audio devices, the first thing i notice is all the options are greyed out. I've also checked under hardware and clicked on the sound card and properties and checked that the card is the one to be used.

  smokingbeagle 19:18 01 Sep 2004

Have you re-connected the audio cable that was attached to your m/b to your sound card?

  smokingbeagle 19:20 01 Sep 2004

The cable running between your CD ROM and m/b needs to be attached to your sound card.

  SEASHANTY 20:21 01 Sep 2004

Perhaps you should have disabled the o/b sound before installing the PCI soundcard and drivers.
Maybe a removal and reinstall of the board and drivers will assign them correctly. They evidently have not done this if everything is greyed out. Is it showing okay in Device Manager?

  wingfield 21:59 01 Sep 2004

Cheers guys - I'll have a go at these suggestions tomorrow.

  Luggie 12:51 04 Sep 2004

I take it that you have sorted this problem - if not have you tried a different type of speakers. I have recently changed computers and speakers that worked on my old one were not working (very low sound levels)on my new one. Apparantly because i had passive speakers they weren't powered by the new sound card. Changing my speakers to active speakers (ones that plug into the mains) has rectified this problem.

  wingfield 13:56 04 Sep 2004

My speakers are powered through a transformer connected to the power socket of the pC. I'm going to have another go this afternoon to see if I can fix it with some of the suggestions given during the week. If I can't sort it I suspect I may have to completely re format the HD as I've been having quite a few oddities occurring recently.

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