sound card issues

  jhomer 14:16 08 Jul 2007

After recently installing a cctv capture card I appear to have lost the ability to hear sounds from the internet, ie youtube.
According to device manager the sound card is working and there is no conflict between the audio capture part of the cctv card and the sound card.
Files stored or previously downoaded onto the hard drive play no problem so is this a streaming problem?
Any ideas people will be most gratefully received.

  howard64 17:03 08 Jul 2007

right click the volume control symbol by the clock - adjust audio properties. Now look in all the screens for one of the entries either being muted or volume turned right down.

  jhomer 18:25 08 Jul 2007

Hi, thanks howard but already tried the basics, the problem only seems to affect web sites, everything that is already on the pc works fine, just can't listen to any online content that plays via the web browser, content that plays via media player is fine.

  jhomer 22:05 08 Jul 2007

Help I'm really stuck now, have no sound at all on the web and I keep going round and round checking drivers and settings, just don't know what elso to try.
Someone out there must know why I can't hear the sound on a web site but can hear something if it works via a media player.

  Totally-braindead 22:20 08 Jul 2007

Only suggestion I have is reinstall the sound card drivers, that should reset it to default and might solve it.
Only other thing I can suggest is, if you're using Internet Explorer try downloading Firefox and see if it plays.

  skidzy 22:22 08 Jul 2007

Couple of further things to try:

Run the xp codec pack to replace missing or damaged codecs click here

Reinstall your flashplayer click here note one version for Firefox and one for IE

  jhomer 08:48 09 Jul 2007

Thanks guys, Totally- have tried new drivers with no imnprovement and the problem also exists with firefox, don't know if this tells you anything.
Skidzy- have downloaded files and reinstalled flash, firefox installed but IE wouldn't. Also how do I know which of the codecs to install-there's quite a list, most of which I don't recognise?

  jhomer 15:41 09 Jul 2007

Well progress of a sort, I now have sound back from web feeds and thats great, however my cctv card has stopped working alltogether.
Don't really know what the K-lite program did so don't really know how to tweak it.
more info please skidzy.

  skidzy 17:58 09 Jul 2007

You should be able to just install the codec pack and the system will use what ever is needed.

For your IE flashplayer:

Uninstall click here

Install click here

  Chris 66 04:39 23 Nov 2007

I have an Acer laptop recently it has slowed right down and the audio playback has slowed right down and became very distorted can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix this. I have tried anti virus and spybot and registry fix to try and clean it up as I was advised to try this but it has had no affect.

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