Snrub 15:48 11 Dec 2007

I carried out a Microsoft Windows Update Creative - Sound - Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM) and now I have no sound. When I look in the Creative Sound Panel the sound/ audio controls have been 'greyed out' and no longer function. I presume some registry value needs to be reset but don't know which file. Can anyone help please??

  SB23 16:07 11 Dec 2007

Can't you roll back the driver to the previous version?

  woodchip 16:25 11 Dec 2007

As above in device manager put the old drivers back. I never load them if it's working OK why load another if you get sound!

  Snrub 16:53 11 Dec 2007

I updated because this was stated as an essential update on the windows update site. I thought it important to follow the recommended updates but in future I will ignore them. Have run the installation disk and when I try to roll back old driver comes up with the new update! I think a registry value has changed blocking access to the volume control but have been unable to locate the file.

  SB23 18:17 11 Dec 2007

I put a Creative sound card in my pc years ago, but I can honestly say that I've never had an update for it via the MS update site.


  pk46 18:42 11 Dec 2007

Go to control panel click on system then the sound icon click on update driver click browse my computer and click let me choose from the list of drivers shown.

  Snrub 12:00 12 Dec 2007

List of drivers missing only windows default which doesn't do anything.

On volume control the controls for adjusting the slider and speakers have been 'greyed' out with setting on slider set to zero but will not adjust because greyed out. I am sure there is a registry value that needs adjusting but don't know which one, help please ?

  rdave13 12:24 12 Dec 2007

Is Windows audio started and on automatic in services?

  Jaro 12:39 12 Dec 2007

why dont you uninstall new driver from add and remove programs than restart PC and than try to install old ones from your CD that should work.

  darrenrichie 12:58 12 Dec 2007

I have had this problem with my Audigy Platinum Pro card. I found that my creative applications wouldn't work as it said there wasn't a soundcard present even though it was. I ended up uninstalling the whole thing by following the instructions on creative site and then reinstalling from the original disk. I have had updates from MS for my card but I generally ignore them and if I have updated it I do it through the creative site but like I said I am using the original drivers and applications now.

  Snrub 02:12 14 Dec 2007

Still struggling!! Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling original disk still left with same prolem no sound. The volume device manager is greyed out with all settings set to zero. There must be a registry value that needs resetting to 'ungrey the controls' but where is it?? HELP PLEASE IT IS DRIVING ME MAD!!

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