sound card drivers

  eljanno 21:49 17 Aug 2007

Hi could someone help me please.
My friend has just reloaded her sons computer but i dont think the sound card has loaded and she has lost her motherboard disc.
The pc details are:System: Time Computer model -8366-8233
Mainboard Microstar international co ltd
MPS Version 1.40
Model MS6382
Not sure if thats the correct info anyone needs to help us, I am hopeless with drivers frightened i'll get her the wrong one!!
Thanks guys.

  Jak_1 21:52 17 Aug 2007

You need to know the make and odel number of the sound card then go to the makers website and download the relevent driver.

  Jak_1 21:54 17 Aug 2007

model number that is. Check in Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices.

  eljanno 21:55 17 Aug 2007

Where do I look for the make and model, thats what my prob is she dosent know it

  eljanno 22:53 17 Aug 2007

I think this may be onboard sound, but I cannot see the make of the motherboard other than what I have already said. struggling now with this one, any ideas. Nothing shows up in the control pannel the speakers and volume slider is greyed out.

  eljanno 22:57 17 Aug 2007

Just found this if its of any use:
Device name : MPU-401
Manufacturer : Microsoft
Version : 5.10
Product ID 103/1

Sorry to be a pain

  HCOOH 23:02 17 Aug 2007

click here
Cannot seem to see any reference to MS6382,is the number correct.

  HCOOH 23:06 17 Aug 2007

Found this
click here

  eljanno 23:17 17 Aug 2007

there is no download link

  HCOOH 23:19 17 Aug 2007

This may work
click here

  eljanno 23:20 17 Aug 2007

I will try the msi link tomorrow I have disconnected her pc now she had it connected to my monitor I'll keep trying thanks for the help.

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