Sound Blaster Question

  drexdrex 14:25 28 Mar 2008

Hi folks,

I've just installed a new hard-drive onto my old computer and reinstalled windows XP (and SP2) and everything is working well except the sound. It functions, but is crackly and often suspends the computer processes for upto 20 seconds when it happens in conjunction with graphical or new events in very simple games.

My system is very old, but has always worked and is an upgraded (in terms of processor and memory) version of:-

click here

It uses a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 sound card. I've been thinking of 2 possible causes for the error and i'd appreciate some advice on my problem.

1: Maybe in need to update the drivers? I looked on the Creative Driver download site, but can only find 2 patches to drivers for this card, and not the original. Does anyone know where this is? Do i need a new driver or the default one from XP SP2 ok?

2: Maybe it's got something to do the IRQs? I know nothing about this area, but my sound card is on IRQ 9 and there are other things on it too. Maybe i should separate it? I tried to do this in the BIOS (changed the PCI slot 4 to hardcode to 10 rather than auto) but it didn't change anything in the system device IRQ reporting (still 9). I'm not sure what i'm doing here really, but i'd appreciate any advice.

Also, anything else you think it might be?

Thanks in advance,

  AndySD 14:57 28 Mar 2008

click here try the Sound Blaster Live! - LiveDrvUni-Pack (English) (23.32 MB) it says its stand alone.

  drexdrex 15:20 30 Mar 2008

I'm afraid this didn't work. It only made it more crackly than the standard WinXP SP2 drivers. Any more ideas?

  britto 17:38 30 Mar 2008

got the same evesham setup dumped ME for XP Pro
the LiveDrvUni-Pack works well on mine and shares IRQ 9 with other 4 other processes,
the creative drivers can be a pain the best way i have found is to take out the soundcard restart the computer and run a regcleaner,also remove any creative folders in C program files, switch off and put the card back in cancel the windows has found new hardware wizard as it finds the reinstalled card then when up and running click on the LiveDrvUni-Pack exe to setup
does the system information /tools/ directx diagnostic/sound tool give any clues

  drexdrex 10:20 31 Mar 2008

Hi Britto,

Thanks for the help.

Yes - mine shared IRQ 9 with the 2 USB processes. So to simplify things i removed the firewire and modem (which i don't use) and moved it from PCI slot 4 to slot 3 where it was picked up as IRQ 10. This is not solve the problem though.

I'll try taking out the sound card and removing creative folders, and running a regcleaner - i do not know about these? can you recommend one? Is there one on XP?

I'll also investigate the system/tools/directx/sound also as i don't think i've looked at this yet.

My sound card is model number SB0060 if that helps at all?


  keef66 12:32 31 Mar 2008

when you reinstalled XP, did you also reinstall the motherboard chipset drivers? Failing to do this can lead to the kind of problem you describe.

If it's an old motherboard and you don't have them on cd, they can be a bit of a bugger to track down from the mobo manufacturer's website.

  drexdrex 13:36 31 Mar 2008

Hi Keef66,

No i didn't install any more drivers on the new hard-drive, the only disk i had was for winME - will those drivers work for XP? I presume not.

I looked on asus downloads and these are available for XP - which should i install?:-

1. ALi AGP miniport driver 1.90 English

2. ALi AGP miniport driver 1.82
Improve system stability for PCI TV card.
Improve support of VIA Cyrix Processor under Win98/Me.

3. ALi Fast Infrared Controller Driver V1.141 English Version
ALi Fast Infrared Controller Driver V1.141 for Windows 98 SE, Windows ME and Windows 2000

4. ALi Integrated Driver v1.091
ALi Integrated Driver v1.091.

5. ALi Integrated Driver v1.06 of AGP, IDE Cache, and FIR.
Change AGP driver version from 1.80 to 1.81
Change Audio driver version from 5140 to 5170

6. Microsoft KB817900 USB fail to enter S3 patch file for Windows XP

i presume i only need 4 and 5?

Does one install motherboard drivers in the same way as normal drivers or is it more complicated?

There is also available a Windows XP Audio Driver V5.12.01.0638 but i presume this is for if i want to use the on-board sound rather than my Sound Blaster Live 5.1?


  aitch2 14:37 31 Mar 2008

I too have an Evesham Axis although a little less older than yours and a slightly different spec but with the creative 5.1 speaker configuration Over the past 6 months I have been having a not too disimilar problem, so as you, i've searched for the updated drivers etc. Nothing seemed to solve the problem but then I found 'AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE', from Creative Technology Ltd. This has cured my problems so I now not only have sound from the 5.1 but also no crackles or distortion either. Previous attempts to un-install and then re-install all and sundry prooved to be fruitless. Updated drivers did not appear ro work for the soundcard, motherboard. Hopefully this might help,
Regards, Aitch

  drexdrex 14:42 31 Mar 2008

Thanks Aitch,

I'm afraid i can't find that file on the creative website. The search comes up blank and it's not at:-

click here

Any ideas where to get it from?


  keef66 16:45 31 Mar 2008

I'd try the No. 4 from your list. Nothing unusual about installing mobo drivers; it's usually just a case of unzipping and double clicking on an exe file. Reboot afterwards to be on the safe side.

  britto 21:06 31 Mar 2008

1. ALi AGP miniport driver 1.90 English

is the one Evesham recommended, it's for
the NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 grapics card

this will clean your registry
click here

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