Sound in background crackles

  douglas1973 23:58 29 May 2005

I run Windows XP Home Edition SP2 and have a Soundblater Live 5.1 Digital card. The onboard card has been disabled in the Bios. Recently I have found that sometimes I get a crackling sound in the background when I play music from files on my computer. The crackling sound also sometimes occurs in the introductory Windows music when the computer is in the process of starting up. I stress that this does not always occur. I have checked that the sound card is properly seated and the connections are correct. I have also connected different speakers but the intermitent fault still occurs. There are no conflicts in Device Manager.
Can anyone help me get rid of the irritating crackling?

  kimjhon 02:19 30 May 2005

Just bumping for you.

I had this prob on installation of s/blaster live card. Esp when moving the mouse.
It cleared up by iteself.

  Derek 06:24 30 May 2005

Three likely things can cause this. First is interference from a source which could be close to you. The second being a poor connection of which there can be many types. Third could be the quality of your final listening device. See if the sound is the same through earphones and the speakers. Whilst using earphones, plug directly into the front of the CD player.
Try playing a sound at low volume level to produce crackle, then increase the volume to see if the crackle is NOT just louder but, worse in its dispersal.
Move certain hardware items away from the PC to see if interference is a problem. Also consider that interference can come via a variety of sources such as vacuum cleaners, drills, washing machines, dishwashers, outside traffic with lousy ignition suppression etc.
Play an offending sound and gently tap a few components in an open PC using a closed biro which is obviously insulated. Things to tap away at are the audio plugs in the CD player, the audio plugs going into the motherboard, tap away on the audio card and with care, great care, gently push on the motherboard printed circuit board to cause the slightest amount distortion of the board.
Still have a problem, then come back.

  douglas1973 15:02 31 May 2005

Thanks Derek. Have tried all the things you have kindly suggested before but it did not solve the problem. As I have said the fault is intermitent and at the moment there are no crackles! I should also there have been no changes in hardware and the environment around my computer remains the same. If the crackles come back again I will follow your suggestions again and get back if they do not work.
Maybe the problem has cleared itself like it did for dcdc.

  douglas1973 23:08 08 Jun 2005

There are still no crackles so I am going to close this thread.

Thanks everybody for your help. It is really appreciated.

  douglas1973 17:22 02 Nov 2005

Crackles returned but on removing a USB connection to my USB card it has gone again. Strange! Maybe I should change the card. (there are four connection points, none of which are in use now).
This thread can be closed again. If the crackles return I will get back

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