Sound and audio Ghosted

  rossol 15:08 06 Mar 2005

Sound and audio Ghosted that mean nothing is working in there plus no volume control any one got any ideas .
XP home, have put in new sound card asked for drives updated from disk,no conflicts in device manager its there and supposed to be working

  Storik 15:20 06 Mar 2005

If so, make sure it is disabled in the BIOS and all subsequent drivers are removed in Windows.

I would also remove the drivers for your sound card for now - Windows will probably pick it up when you reboot - after disabling on board sound.

This might help.


  rossol 16:16 06 Mar 2005

i know i have two threads going but one was for a sound blaster card so i bought a new card multi-channel one so it can not be the cards i have also turned off the on board sound in bios

  Storik 18:49 06 Mar 2005

Have you gone through EVERYTHING in your BIOS that might refer to onboard devices and check that this is not anything to do with your sound device?

It sounds to me, and this is just a personal opinion, that something in your BIOS is still enabled. Also check whether PCI devices are set at "Auto" or "Manual" - and change it. - might help.

Can't think of anything else at present, but if I do have a brainwave (highly unlikely the way the old grey matter is behaving at the moment) I'll let you know.


  Storik 18:52 06 Mar 2005

Also try different PCI slots. If you have an AGP slot, sometimes this shares IRQ's with slot number one - so try slot two or three.


  rossol 17:41 07 Mar 2005

thanks,i checked the bios i do not thing it that.also have changed slots taken all drivers off then re install but no luck .i think that with sound and audio ghosted i should re install XP which i do not want to do but !!!???

  Storik 09:18 11 Mar 2005

because it's driving me mad! When disabling the audio, I noticed that this did not disable the midi port or games port. I had to do this separately.

Are both these disabled in your BIOS?


  rossol 14:01 19 Mar 2005

yes i think the motherboard is not compatable with the sound card

  Storik 09:15 20 Mar 2005

It is very unusual for TWO sound cards to be incompatible with your motherboard. Somehow, I think your problem is caused by something else.

Could you do a brief recap on what you have done and tried so far, please? eg. Which soundcards have you tried, and how have you set them up.


  rossol 11:22 20 Mar 2005

i have done every thing i can think of on board sound disabled all sound drivers taken out before installing sound card when asked for (new hardware discovered) put in disk loaded drives ,every thing supposed to be working but NO sound. speaker checked.card worked in a friend computor o.k.Tried different slots for the card bought second card in case it was incapitible with motherboard that card loaded up o.k. but still no sound.finnally took all drivers out enabled the onboard sound put in drivers still did not work also in sound and audio it was ghosted meaning you could not change any thing

  rossol 12:30 20 Mar 2005


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