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  Mr "B" 10:38 19 Mar 2006

During playback of either a music cd or dvd no matter what software i use wether its i tunes, windows media etc, the sound which comes out is bad. What i mean by that is it keeps going on and off but in a fast sort of way so it sounds as it keeps skipping. My laptop never used to do this so is it something i've caused or is it a drive problem. the laptop is only about 8weeks old.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:19 19 Mar 2006

Try removing and reinstalling the drivers:

click here
SIW will ID the sound component and you can get drivers from the manufacturer site.

  TonyAA 11:41 19 Mar 2006

Out of curiosity I tried out your program and was a bit shocked to find that it actually displayed my Paypal user name and password along with other personal info which I have never stored on the computer or used for ages.
This is a bit worrying.

  TonyAA 11:47 19 Mar 2006

It looks like it was my fault as they are listed under autocomplete.Must remember never to use that again! Where do you clear it ?

  spuds 11:55 19 Mar 2006

and apologies to Mr "B". SIW is a very good 'investigative' programme, which can find many things of perhaps a worrying nature. I would suggest that you open your own post on the subject, and see what turns up !.

  John Berriman 12:00 19 Mar 2006

Tools > Internet Options > 'Content' tab > under 'Personal Information' you'll find the 'Autocomplete' button to review your settings.

  TonyAA 12:04 19 Mar 2006

Sorry.Got a bit excited.My apologies to Mr "B" for breaching protocol.

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