Soul destroying problem with Vista WLAN.

  fitzgerald187 17:28 15 Oct 2009

Hello and thank you for viewing my first ever forum post!

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, with an Intel (r) pro/wireless 3945 ABG built in network card. The problem is, I can't find ANY WLANs!!

I know my personal WLAN is all correctly formatted as only yesterday I factory reseted it and both my BlackBerry and Fujitsu Siemens laptop (running XP) are connected and was done so with ease.

I have tried numerous "repairs" and not one has worked and I'm desperate for help.

One final thing for anyone who is going to try and help me is, on the Toshiba Configfree (connect doctor) the radar is showing 7 WLAN from my current location. However the "connect to a network" button (2 LCDs bottom right hand corner) shows not one and that is the only way of connecting to a WLAN! Pleeeeeeeeease help me..... Fitzgerald187

  mgmcc 20:36 15 Oct 2009

In XP, right clicking the wireless icon in the system tray gives the option to "View Available Wireless Networks". In Vista, you should have the option to "Connect to a Network"; this option opens a window in which the available networks should be listed. Is this not what's happening?

  fitzgerald187 20:45 15 Oct 2009

Its opening but there are no wireless networks available.

  mgmcc 20:47 15 Oct 2009

Silly question but is the Laptop's "wireless" definitely switched on?

  fitzgerald187 20:52 15 Oct 2009

Yes 300%

  mgmcc 08:02 16 Oct 2009

You could try setting up the connection manually. Right click "Network" and select Properties, which will open the Network & Sharing Center. Click the link at the left to "Manage wireless networks" and, in its window, click the Add button to create a new connection manually. See if that gets you any further forward.

  fitzgerald187 23:32 16 Oct 2009

Still no luck mate, have tried that and all it does is save the network but there is no connection. Have tried in my flat, my girlfriends flat, work everywhere.... no wireless connections. Its defo something to do with windows/toshiba.

  Ashrich 00:57 17 Oct 2009

Have you tried uninstalling Configfree and just using Vista to manage? I suspect the there is a conflict between the two , is there anything in configfree that allows you to stop it being the default wifi connection ?


  fitzgerald187 01:22 17 Oct 2009

I shall see if I can uninstall configfree however on first looks it can not be removed via uninstall/remove programs. Any idea how this could be done?

  Ashrich 23:16 17 Oct 2009

If it can't be found in Programs and Features for removal ( don't know how far you've looked ) you can always go to start/run , type in msconfig and press enter , from there untick anything to do with ConfigFree under the startup and services tabs and then reboot . Having rebooted right click on Computer and select Manage then in the right hand pane double click on Services and Applications ,then double click on Services , scroll down to WLAN AutoConfig , and make sure it is set to Automatic , if it isn't started click on the Start tab , then click on Ok , hopefully you can then use Windows to manage your wireless connection from Connect to a Network and Network and Sharing Centre .


  fitzgerald187 00:33 18 Oct 2009

Have actually just tried a clean start up (gone on to services and disabled any program from starting up unless its microsoft based) and still had no luck. Have updates the driver on my Intel(R)pro 3945 WLAN card also. Am thinking it could be something with the default settings on the WLAN card, so have produced them below incase you see something that sticks out, thanks.

Ad hoc channel 802.11a (Value:36)
Ad hoc channel 802.11b/g (Value:11)
Ad hoc Default wireless mode (Value:o.802.11b/g)
Ad hoc power management (disabled)
Ad hoc Qos mode (Enabled)
Mixed mode protection (CTS-to self enabled)
Roaming aggressiveness (5-Highest)
Throughout enhancement (enabled)
Transmit power (5-Highest)
Wireless mode (6)802.11a/b/g)

Pf......... Laptops aye! Also, is there any programs out there that search for wireless networks and can be use to add networks. Almost what Vista is supposed to be doing but actually work!?

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