Sou nd isn't working

  spagcat 21:32 08 May 2008

my audio isnt working, im not sure wether it is the small cables on my motherboard or my audio drivers can anyone help, thanks

  Technotiger 21:37 08 May 2008

Hi, we need rather more info other than 'my audio isnt working!

Is it Desktop or Laptop, what OS? XP/Vista/ME etc. Is it on-board sound or through a Sound card - that's just for starters but gives us something to work on.

  spagcat 21:39 08 May 2008

its a desktop, and the little wires that connect the sound card are the wrong way round and i don't which way they go, do u have any idea, and its an XP, its on-board

  Technotiger 21:46 08 May 2008

OK so it is XP on a Desktop - the rest of your comment is contradicting itself - talking about Sound Card and then On-board? Which is it? and are you talking about the external Speaker connections on the back of PC, or Internal connections to the Motherboard?

Sorry about all the questions ....

  spagcat 21:48 08 May 2008

Right, sorry, it is On-board. And i think it is the internal connections, i keep getting error messages saying that there isn't a sound card or whatever on-board card connected so i can't play music. My mother board is - Rio (GA-8TRC410MNF-RH) Motherboard

  Technotiger 22:00 08 May 2008

The 'little wires' which I think should be marked 'Snd' or 'Aud' should be connected to the 9-pin header connection marked Azalia FP near the edge of the Motherboard near the PCI slots. If the 'little wires' have a 9-socket little plug on the end you should line up the one blank connection in the plug with the one blank connection on the motherboard.

You might also need to make sure that the on-board Sound in enabled in the BIOS.

  spagcat 22:02 08 May 2008

sorry i don't understand that =s
shell i just pull all the little wires out and start from scrach? Could you help me and tell me where they all go ?

sorry bout this, i need to get it sorted, its a birthday present for my friend and its for tomorrow

  Technotiger 22:10 08 May 2008

Do you have the User Manual or Instruction Guide for the Motherboard? I could show you a picture of the connection if you don't have it.

  spagcat 22:12 08 May 2008

No sorry, i don't have anything =( and i am short of time, i gotta go in 15mins, if you could help me as much as you can would be really appreacited =)
i just need to know where all the cables like, Mic-1n and Mic-bias go, those kinda things

  Technotiger 22:19 08 May 2008

This shows the Sound Header connection on the Motherboard, as you/we are pushed for time have a look at this click here it might help.][IMG]click here

  spagcat 22:20 08 May 2008

Thanks dude, but that image can't be found, is there another way you can show me please?

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