Sorting a Table

  Blessed 02:18 19 Oct 2006

I created a table with five columns. The first column I typed about 100 names first and last. Can someone please tell me how to sort this table so the last name will be first. I typed them in word. Is there a way to do this without retyping them. Thanks for your help.

  MickinPlymouthUK 06:24 19 Oct 2006

I don't know a quick answer, but while you're waiting for one from somebody you may as well start sorting your list with cut and paste, moving one name at a time to where you want it. 100 names shouldn't take you more than half an hour..

  Taff™ 06:58 19 Oct 2006

Paste the column into Excel. Use Data> Text to Columns and select Delimited then on the next page of the wizard select "Space" this will split into two columns. Create a new column back in your word document and paste the columns back.

  Rand Al Thor 08:36 19 Oct 2006

You don't need to mess about with excel, you can do it from within Word. Select your table. On the table menu click sort. Select options, then Sort Column only check box. I am assuming it is only one column.

  GroupFC 09:03 19 Oct 2006

I don't think that will work, as Blessed wants to change the order of the entry in each cell from first name and last name, to last name and first name.

Taff™'s method is the way to go. I have just had a play around and it does work, and I thank him, as this will prove very useful (I run a cub pack and I am always making lists of the cubs names for trips etc. and I am forever needing to change/edit them!)

  Chris the Ancient 09:23 19 Oct 2006

I think this is what you want.

Put the cursor just obove the column you want to move. It should turn into an arrow.

Click. This should highlight the whole column.

Drag the column to be where you want the column to be placed. You should see a dotted line appear where it is moving to. Put it just in front of the first cell in the column.

Release the mouse.

Was that it?

  Taff™ 09:48 19 Oct 2006

If you like that tip try Excels Ultimate Add In click here This has loads of tools for manipulating Excel Cells. Also ASAP Utilities click here

  brambles 11:07 19 Oct 2006

If you created it in Word then you can easily sort it in Word - there is no need to involve Excel. First ensure that you have the Database shortcut showing. Right click on a spare place on the top of Word - if Database hasn't got a tick in it put one.

Now if you look at the new toolbar yo have selected you wil see A-Z for sorting normal &
Z-A for reversing. Clicking the Z-A would achieve what you require if I've read your query correctly. Obviously whatever column you are sorting needs to be selected first.

Hope this helps


  brambles 11:09 19 Oct 2006

Sorry that should say 'Database toolbar showing'


  GroupFC 12:52 19 Oct 2006

Thanks for those - I'll have a detailed look when I get home tonight.

I think Taff™ and I are reading this problem diffrently to everybody else! I read it as Blessed had one column in a table with names in it, such as Andrew Smith in one cell, Joe Bloggs in the next (in the column), Pat Jones in the next and so on.

And what he wanted was for the table/column to read Smith Andrew, Bloggs Joe, Jones Pat and so on, and as far as I can see only Taff™'s solution will achieve that!

I guess we'll never now if Blessed doesn't come back to the thread!

  Blessed 15:35 19 Oct 2006

Thanks for your help. Special thanks to Taff and GroupFC thats exactly what I need to do was Last name first (ex. Smith, Tim).

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