Sort in calendar order

  surfer47 10:34 01 Jan 2010

First: Happy New Year and thanks for all the help in the past.
Second: I am using Windows Vista and Serif PhotoPlus to organise photographs and I have a series of folders names in month order. Is there any way of sorting in month order?

  BurrWalnut 13:05 01 Jan 2010

I don't know a way of doing it.

It's not overly laborious to rename 12 folders, e.g. 01 for Jan, 02 for Feb, etc.

  Woolwell 13:19 01 Jan 2010

Do you have AlbumPlus with PhotoPlus because Serif PhotoPlus on its own doesn't organise photos?
I find that if I name my folders 2009-12, 2010-1 etc then Vista sorts them in month order.

  surfer47 16:16 01 Jan 2010

Burrwalnut & Woolwell. Two good ideas there. As my file structure is Year/Month/file I think the first idea would be best. I can use it as 01Jan 02Feb etc.

  m800afc 17:40 01 Jan 2010

I use reverse date order for my folders.
yesterday= 091231, today=100101, tomorrow= 100102.

  Woolwell 17:54 01 Jan 2010

Remember that it is actually sorting by name so using 01Jan would actually be after 01Feb.

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