Sort of annoying....

  goll_y 18:38 23 May 2004

My home page gets redirected to click here a microsoft page which ends up as the MSN home page.

It's not too annoying but I want it blank. I click tools and options and then go blank. Run adaware and it finds the redirecting virus. If I click delete the home page starts redirecting itself again!! Please help!

  QuickHare 18:53 23 May 2004

That's Internet explorer checking for updates. It accesses a page (the one you saw), which checks the version of Internet Explorer and Windows, and then checks if this is the latest version. If the version you use is less than the latest version, it will redirect you towards the update page instead.

There should be an option in Tools, Internet Options called "Automatically check for Internet Explorer updates". If you uncheck this box, it should stop the page being loaded.

  thms 18:59 23 May 2004

See here for parasites click here

  goll_y 19:04 23 May 2004

actually it didn't resolve it. Sorry

  Eastender 00:36 24 May 2004

Try Startpage Guard click here set your home page to blank and then click on the padlock so there is no line through it.

  end 00:53 24 May 2004

excuse me...I am TRYING to send that link to a friend of mine for HIS computer that is being "hijacked", but the link will not open; can you type its URL IN for me so I can send him THAT???tas ( ie the Startpageguard thingi)

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