Sorry - Yet Another Start Up Question

  NotSureBoutThis 12:21 28 Oct 2006


Someone has posted about this already, however, they have clicked problem resolved.

I followed the instructions give by “buteman:

Sounds like the quick start menu,Some of those will automatically come on if they are on your computer start up,To stop most of them, Right click bottom taskbar, Properties, Customise, Current items,to change them, Click hide when inactive, or whatever it says,And change to whatever you prefer, Always Show, Always Hide, Or Hide when inactive,That should get rid of some of them,

Now, although I have rebooted the icons are still there,

I have checked under "properties - Customize - Behavior" and it states for those I do not want at start up "always hide" yet they are still showing at start up.

Any advice please?

  VoG II 12:30 28 Oct 2006

Try this click here

Initially they will all show but after a few hours they will start to be hidden and should then behave themselves.

  anskyber 12:31 28 Oct 2006

Can I be clear about what you are trying to achieve. buteman has explained how to alter your system tray otherwise known as the notification area.

This does not alter the programs on start up but alters whether you are told or not.

Are you trying to stop programs staring up you do not need?

  NotSureBoutThis 12:40 28 Oct 2006

VoG thankyou for the link.


I have numerous icons in the bottom right hand side, most of those icons I do not require.

I wanted to delete them, as I do not need them at start up.

Trust I have explined myself more clearer

  anskyber 12:48 28 Oct 2006

Ok. I see from your other thread that you are about to get Spybot Search and Destroy, a very wise move if I may say so.

If you decide that you do not want certain programs to "launch" on start up (which can slow things up and consume your system resource unnecessarily) there are different ways to stop them launching.

It is a different point to simply hiding the icon in the system tray, the programmes are still running in the background.

They are still there, ie. still installed but instead waiting for you to ask them to launch when you want them, if that makes sense.

Spybot has such a feature if you need it.

  NotSureBoutThis 13:12 28 Oct 2006

Thanks anskyber

OK, I'm following you so far, so how do I delete those icons I no not need at startup please?

Oh, btw, I have installed S&D, and I also have Ad-Aware, I take it I can run both of thesese programmes?

  VoG II 13:18 28 Oct 2006

Yes you can run them both.

Using msconfig click here

Startup items click here

  NotSureBoutThis 13:53 28 Oct 2006

Hello VoG

OK, I followed the instructions using msconfig& rebooted

Now I have a message on my desktop, which I don't really understand, and not sure what to do.

"System Configuration Utility

You have used the system configuration utility tray to make changes the way windows starts

The system configuration utility is in diagnostic or selective startup mode.

Choose the normal start up on the general tab to start windows normally, and undo the changes you have made"

Do I click OK on the above message?

This forum is for absolute beginners, and as you can probably tell, I have no idea what I have done.

Oh, btw, my McAfee security alert has come up when I rebooted, asking me to confirm I want McAfee as my security centre.

  VoG II 14:18 28 Oct 2006

If you watch the video again, see the final part where you tick 'do not show this message again'.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:33 28 Oct 2006

Hello VoG

Sorted, Thankyou very much

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