Sorry, but where can I download CDRWIN 5?

  jediknight007 21:11 13 May 2003

I have downloaded an ISO file which I want to burn to a CD-R but with Nero, I keep getting errors and I have already wasted a CD-R doing so. Cheers.

  powerless 21:14 13 May 2003

If nero is throwing up errors then its for a reason jediknight007.

What are the errors?

  monkeyshine 21:29 13 May 2003

A better question might be, where did you download the ISO file from?

  VoG™ 21:33 13 May 2003

click here half way down page.

  jediknight007 21:46 13 May 2003


  monkeyshine 22:22 13 May 2003

Oh dear, those all look like WAREZ1

  VoG™ 22:24 13 May 2003


  monkeyshine 22:26 13 May 2003

I could be wrong, but....

CD-R/RW Recording software, include BackMeUp LT V3.30, PacketCD V3.00.199-1 for Win9x, PacketCD V2.50.035-1 for WinNT, uncompress password: click here

  powerless 22:28 13 May 2003

OK I'm half asleep.



  monkeyshine 22:30 13 May 2003


  powerless 22:31 13 May 2003

"Gob Smacked!"

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