Sorry Stupid Question - Access Ntl Webspace

  Iorek 11:38 17 Feb 2005

Ok, this is a stupid question but....

I've been trying to find out how I access my webspace that comes with my ntl account, ntl being the helpful people that they are don't actually tell you on their website.

I'm guessing its just click here
and the password is my email login,
all I need is the server address, I think?

Ntl suggest download their own ftp program which will set it up automatically, and cost £20 after 30days (thats on the settings link, how useful is that?!)

Many Thanks,


  Iorek 11:49 17 Feb 2005

Ok, I thought it had to be simple, out of pure frustration at the hopelessness (thats probably not a word) of the ntl website I've figured it out. Sorry to waste anybody's time!

For anyone who's interested:
sever address:
user: first part of email address
password: same as email password

Bye for now.


  gobi 19:30 18 Feb 2005

TQ Iorek. That was a very quick search.

  steve263000 12:16 19 Feb 2005

Just as a aside to the question,. I have used Terrapin as a transfer agent for years. They are very good, and the £20 is a one off fee. I have had several problems,( and many solved in the forum), I have phoned them several times, and the help line is very good.

  mac_gyver 19:31 19 Feb 2005

Why not just do it through Internet Explorer? Its simple and free!!!

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