Sorry, More help with TV Out Please

  Dazwm 20:17 27 May 2003

I have successfully got my tv out working thanks to everyones help but there is no sound on the TV. Also all my videos etc. that I have on my computer are only on half the TV screen rather than full screen. Is there a program that can make them full screen or is it the format of the films?

  hugh-265156 20:28 27 May 2003

you have no sound as your probally using an svideo connection which only carries video.yo will need to hook up you computer soundcard or line output to the tvs audio in sockets vis a 3mm jack to 2xphonos(headphone to red and white audio plugs)

the screen size can be set up via your control panel/display choose screen two and select 640x480 for the tv screen.if its a letterboxed movie see if your dvd software has a full screen option.

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