sorry, maths question for the granddaughter

  Ikelos 14:17 05 May 2007

hi, i realize this is not the place, but we can not get the right answer.

so here I am

guy lays 200 bricks in an hour, how long would he take to lay 960. in hours and minutes

thank you.

and sorry for using this forum..

  setecio 14:24 05 May 2007

4 hours and 48 minutes.

However, that would break union rules, and he would be due several T breaks of 10 minutes, plus a trip to the toilet. This would add a further 24 minutes to the job. Unfortunately while at the toilet he tripped and hit his head on the floor and had to be taken to hospital. On arrival in casualty, a more urgent case arrives, knocking back his slot for a further 40 minutes. Given the all clear he returns to the site to find someone has nicked all the bricks. He mut now wait until Monday to get more delivered. In answer to your question - it all depends on what other factors take place during the job. So the question is unrealistic and you would be better to highlight this in a 2,000 word essay.

  VoG II 14:24 05 May 2007

4h 48 m

  Ikelos 14:27 05 May 2007

thank you both so much.

nice one

  Pineman100 14:31 05 May 2007

I suspect that your granddaughter will have to show how she got the (correct) answer given by setecio and VoG.

An hour is 60 minutes. Divide 60 by 200 and you'll find that each brick takes 0.3 of a minute.

Multiply 0.3 x 960 and you'll get 288 minutes, or 4 hrs 48 minutes.

  Pineman100 14:33 05 May 2007

You're a building site manager, aren't you? ;-)

  Technotiger 14:35 05 May 2007

This is why this Forum is the best on the Planet :-))

  Ikelos 14:37 05 May 2007

cant get the staff these days, but all so true.

  setecio 14:43 05 May 2007

>>An hour is 60 minutes. Divide 60 by 200 and you'll find that each brick takes 0.3 of a minute.

But if he's listening to a football match on the radio, if there is any action at either goal end, then these bricks will take longer, and if the opposition score, he'll probably throw that brick away!

If your granddaughter needs to prove the answer, she could get the teacher to log on and look here for the proof ;) click here

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