Sorry I deleted your e-mail

  arricarry 10:00 17 Mar 2004

Hello - Someone has e-mailed me regarding a thread I started regarding Mesh Computers. I caught a glimpse as I emptied the lot into the abyss. Can you contact me again, Soreeee

  Chegs ® 12:00 17 Mar 2004

click here

There is a post from Mesh Support in this one,try contacting them first instead.

  arricarry 12:36 17 Mar 2004

Mine was about memory slots on an Athlon 64 system

  Chegs ® 13:07 17 Mar 2004

Then go to "My Postings" and have a looksee thru them,see if anyone has added to them and included a message stating they have emailed you.You do get an email each time someone responds to a thread you started,are you certain it wasn't just one of those?

  Chegs ® 13:16 17 Mar 2004

MESH Support Fri, 13.02.04 | 09:47
I'm sorry to hear about this mistake. I'm sure it was more a case of the salesman you spoke to ticking the wrong box rather anything intentional.
Drop me a line at [email protected] remembering to include your order/serial number along with your screen name (arricarry) and I will look into this for you.


Mesh Support

  arricarry 13:28 17 Mar 2004

I cannot see my thread at all now , there was an internal server error last night, I suppose I got booted, thought somebody may have seen it before it got lost. Thanks for your help Chegs.
Think I got booted for using a mild expletive

  MESH Support 16:43 17 Mar 2004

I checked when I first saw your post, at the time I had not sent you any mail that you could have lost.

Since then I have emailed you regarding your memory slot query you sent.

I don't recall seeing any new thread from you recently other than your original one ( click here ) and your recent additions to this thread ( click here ).


Mesh Support

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