Sorry another Wi-Fi question

  mymate 19:43 24 Sep 2007

I only want Wi-Fi on one computer so as not to have wires going under the carpet to where the computer is. I have had a Netgear wireless Adsl modem router for over a year still in the box from Aol.But if i have to connect that Ethernet cable i might as well stay with what i have now.
I have found a Netgear wireless usb adapter thinking maybe that would connect me but it doesnt, and i not sure if thats the right thing to use anyway.
Thanks very much.

  Dipso 21:18 24 Sep 2007

You will need to connect the router with a cable in order to set it up but once that's done you can remove the cable and go totally wireless if that's what you want.

If your computer doesn't already have a wireless card you will have to buy one, whether it be a USB adapter or a PCI adpater which fits inside your PC. The Netgear one would work fine.

  mymate 11:49 25 Sep 2007

Thanks Dipso, i thought i try moving the computer nearer the phone socket and putting in the Ethernet cable <yellow> it goes into the wireless modem but i have not got a usb socket it fits into ! This is my computer click here
I think its going back into the box for now.

  mymate 11:54 25 Sep 2007

Thick or what ! Found the ethernet port now .

  ambra4 13:16 25 Sep 2007

Check this posting will help set-up your lan card and computer

click here

  ambra4 13:22 25 Sep 2007

Sorry about that wrong posting

click here

  mymate 14:49 25 Sep 2007

Thanks ambra4 but i have now put it back in the box.I nearly got it set up but then had problems with my Dsl line so back to modem with all the wires .

  ambra4 16:12 25 Sep 2007

What was the problems with your dsl line???

  mymate 16:25 25 Sep 2007

I ran the phone cable through a filter and the installation stopped cause it said it couldnt find DSL.

  Dipso 17:05 25 Sep 2007

Could be marginal line...the USB modem picks up the signal but the router won't, although the Netgear DG834G, if that is what you have, is usually good with marginal lines.

Is it the same filter you use for the modem?

  mymate 17:37 25 Sep 2007

No i used the new filters that came with it. Its easy to set up as the Aol disc does it all for you. I got to it installing to the 3rd green light comes on and said it cant find the Dsl line. I kept trying and still the same problem so have put it back in box for now .

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