Sorry Another BIG thankyou for the PC team

  AaNnDdYy 12:18 21 Mar 2006

Thanks for all your help i have them both sorted out at last as the ewido for the XP is well good as in if there is something in start up your not sure about ask it to display it and it goes right to the root in the registry , excellent ,dont work onthe ME though,,also my actual question is ,what do you think of windows defender ????? is it any good as in security because apparently the firewall is crap ,any more on that one?thanks again for all advice and help its very much apprieciated it makes the price of the mag worthwhile,,lol

  howard63 20:15 21 Mar 2006

windows defender - seems to be a really good prog. Only time will tell if it is. I prefer to have it on guard rather than be without it.

  fullyfitted 23:21 21 Mar 2006

what is lol ?
seen it on a few replies to queries ...

just wondering

  Devil Fish 23:52 21 Mar 2006

lol = laughs out loud

  AaNnDdYy 00:56 22 Mar 2006

yep thats it = laughs out loud

  chub_tor 09:44 22 Mar 2006

Being an old romantic I prefer Lots of Lurve....

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