al7478 15:20 16 Feb 2007

i would like to just apologise to certain forum users for intrusion into other users' threads recntly. those concerned know who they are and i sincerely apologise.

all i can say in mitigation is that my actions were pure in motivation, one of those motivations being to avoid cluttering the board up with unnecassary threads.

that said, my apology is sincere and unconditional.

my apologies.

  Totally-braindead 15:28 16 Feb 2007

I know, I tried to answer.
I don't know if this has been explained to you but if you post with a question in another persons thread and people answer you and your query the poor person that asked the original question will get an email everytime someone answers, its quite annoying when it turns out all the answers given are for someone else. If it was you that posted a question and got a load of emails about your query and then saw that all the answers were for someone else you wouldn't be too chuffed would you?
Also there is the chance that the original question asked by the person will be taken over by someone else and forgotten about. So the person that asked the original question gets no replies at all.
Everyone has done it from time to time its just not a very nice thing to do for the reasons given above.
Much better to start your own thread or even to look through the past threads using the search facility first.

  al7478 15:38 16 Feb 2007

and i quite agree.

ill search better or start a new thread in future.

  p;3 15:50 16 Feb 2007

I think it important that if one has a question to ask, one asks it on ones own thread; if one disagrees with the content of a thread one has to find a way to do so respectfully

I think many of us (self included) have fouled up and felt ashamed of our actions; we have to learn from it and hopefully become more mature and understanding as a consequence;
also; if FE thinks a thread IS unnnecesary beleive you me he will remove it!!

  ed-0 15:51 16 Feb 2007

Don't worry, we all have done it;-)

Thats how we learn how the board works.

Don't let it put you off, if you have any questions, fire away:)

  al7478 16:21 16 Feb 2007

for all the understanding responses so far.

p;3 i agree, anmy apologies for giving you a bit of a hartd time the other day.

this board is a great place full of helpful and courteous contributors, many of whomare even quite helpful when (quite rightly) ticking me off.

  p;3 16:37 16 Feb 2007

I could suggest you write lines (how many shall we go for?)
but learning from our mistakes is all a part of life ; I too have recently had to appologise for something

on with life and computer problems ; tea and biscuits served later :))

  al7478 16:44 16 Feb 2007

p;3 i take your point, i'll stop apologising now, it can get a bit mawkish after a while, eh?

ill go do those lines.

  thospot 16:52 16 Feb 2007

What a smarmy thread.
Didn't like it one bit.

  p;3 17:02 16 Feb 2007

do you disapprove of someone being prepared to appologise?

  thospot 17:06 16 Feb 2007

No, just the way it is done...

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