sony vgn-nw20ef laptop

  YAMA 18:51 05 Apr 2012

well hello room, here is my problem, to me a big one so hope the room can help, My battery will only charge 50%so looks like I need a new one, but I am confused,looked on the internet,and every time I open up to have a look and order. further down the advert it always says- (although it is the same number on the battery) will not work on win7 and needs to be adapted to work, but it seems a lot of things can go wrong when altering the laptop to take the battery, ?????-- so can any one say where I can get a battery for the pc, that needs no adapting just one in one out change, but not at a daft price, thanks yama

  KRONOS the First 18:59 05 Apr 2012

The operating system has nothing whatsoever to do with a laptop battery so I am not really sure what you are trying to say. Can you post a link to the website that you were looking at?

Battery 1.

Battery 2.

  lotvic 19:34 05 Apr 2012

I'd be wary of those links you have posted Chronus (unless you know better and have had dealings with them) neither seem to have either an address or phone number. The 2nd one is definitely in China. Check out the small print on Contact, Returns etc.

  rdave13 19:42 05 Apr 2012

There's one here but make sure it's the right one for your model.

  onthelimit1 19:44 05 Apr 2012

lotvic - I hear your concerns, but I recently ordered a new laptop keyboard from what I though was a UK supplier. Turned out it was a Hong Kong based company, trading through a spares supplier in Cardiff. The delivered item (next day) was the wrong model. An email to HK produced an apology with the correct KB being delivered the next day. Didn't even have to send the wrong one back.

  KRONOS the First 19:47 05 Apr 2012

The links were nothing more than an indication that the laptops O/S has no bearing on it's battery,but you are correct I should have looked more closely at my suggestions.

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  lotvic 20:12 05 Apr 2012

Chronus, Totally agree "The operating system has nothing whatsoever to do with a laptop battery" it's a fact. (and I'm still saving up to get a Tablet - so am jealous you've got one ;-))

  YAMA 06:11 17 Apr 2012

been away came back to what looks like a ongoing chat with out ref to( my )problem, and it is a big one problem to me, so please can you help, ta yama

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 17 Apr 2012

The battery will work OK regardless of operating system as stated by others previously

Windows 7 uses a different method to interrogate the batteries performance and this will not work well with some older type batteries.

So if you have an older laptop but with windows 7 installed it may tell you the battery level incorrectly (hence the warnings on the adverts - this battery won't work with windows 7) the battery works but the level indication is wrong.

  YAMA 11:36 25 Apr 2012

well got a new battery this morning, tried it fitted ok, followed the instructions place the cd in open it and then it came up with it wanted to alter the bios, do not want to go down that road, and mess up the laptop, cheers yama

  lotvic 13:09 25 Apr 2012

Is this guide what it is wanting to do? Sorry if you thought we were 'chatting' I was just concerned that you got new battery from somewhere good to deal with.

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