Sony Vaio VGN-FE21B

  Nim200 18:31 22 Jul 2007

Hey all, i bought a sony vaio VGN-FE21B a while back and my HD totally died on me. I realised i didnt make the Recovery CD and phoned Sony to ask for them to send 1 out.. But with what i was told they wouldnt send one out as the laptop had the OS on a hidden partition! Well i was wondering if any can send me a recovery CD for this model otherwise im going to have to buy one from sony!! well buy the OS CD! which is a total rip off!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 22 Jul 2007

Idont think a recovery Cd will work on a new hard drive without the recovery partition.

I am afraid your looking at buying a new hard drive and a new copy of windows.

Use Acronis TI 10 to copy the new drive as a backup for just this sort of problem.

  sunny staines 19:57 22 Jul 2007

the wife has this model is the backup tied to the serial number of the laptop?

the wife has xp pro media centre OS. I can copy our backup dvd's do you live near staines middx.

  Nim200 20:58 22 Jul 2007

Hey just had a look at Acronis TI 10 thanks for that! realli could do with that, so will it compress the data or turn it into a image? thanks fruit bat

  sunny staines 17:56 24 Jul 2007

discs in the post

  Nim200 18:02 24 Jul 2007

Thanks alot mate! emailed sony told them where to stick it... ye i knw i shouldnt of but in my defence i did spend like 700quid and they could of at least sent me a cd! thanks alot Sunny! let me know if u want payment or n e thin.

  sunny staines 13:19 28 Jul 2007


did the discs work ok?

  Nim200 14:35 28 Jul 2007

hey mate, still havent recieved the disc in the post yet. still waiting at the moment but will let you know when i get them

  Nim200 17:57 30 Jul 2007

hey sunny, thanks for the cd's did get them, but unfortunately they didnt work! spoke to sony they said i need to ghost the exact same system, and then partition my drive and copy the recovery info onto that drive then use the vaio recovery utility and start clean! i swear they should of said that in the first place, i thought the cd's u gave would boot but they didnt, so if i can be cheeky and ask for a image of ur system, its ok if u cant i knw it would contain everything from pics to whatever else.. i'll try find sum1 who can do a image once they've dun a fresh recovery! i've been pwnd by sony!

  Nim200 21:39 30 Jul 2007

ok i officaly give up with sony vaio recover crap, jus had an email stating that i need to reinstall the OS using recovery util, i dnt have that so they said ghost, but in the email they said ghosting doesnt work, so i should take it to a repair centre so they can redo the hidden partiotion, o ye the great news is they will charge only 125 quid 50 quid less because i've had so much problems! lol thanks for ya help peeps but im gnna smash the screen and claim it under insurance!! and buy a dell or toshiba!!

  Kate B 23:15 30 Jul 2007

You wouldn't be in this position if you'd made a recovery disc in the first place. Your mess is your own fault. I agree, it would be nice if Sony provided the recovery CD, but it doesn't and it's not that hard, surely, to take just a tiny bit of responsibility for a new PC.

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