Sony Vaio recovery disk problem

  Shorty070875 16:08 20 Jun 2013

Hi I've just bought a Sony Vaio and am trying to create the recovery disks. Each time I try it spends around 45 minds copying the first disk then comes up with an error no 142025 saying it doesn't work with this disk remove it and try another. I've tried 3 different disks so far and each 1 is the same.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  northumbria61 10:48 21 Jun 2013

I've tried 3 different disks so far and each 1 is the same.

Are you using the correct format?

The main thing to remember is to get discs that are of the same format as your DVD drive. For example, if you have a DVD drive that records in the DVD+R/+RW format make sure you buy discs that have that label on the packaging. You cannot use a +R disc in a -R recorder or vice versa. However, many DVD recorders now record in both the - and + formats.

You say you have used 3 different discs but have you tried a different make? My advice, when it comes to blank DVDs, stick with major brands.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 21 Jun 2013

My advice, when it comes to blank DVDs, stick with major brands.

and burn at the slowest speed possible.

  Shorty070875 10:51 23 Jun 2013

Thanks, trying Memorex DVD-r now was trying Maxell DVD+r so hopefully it will work.

  Shorty070875 10:52 23 Jun 2013

Be helpful if they would just supply recovery discs when you buy the laptop

  Shorty070875 11:15 23 Jun 2013

Looks that way. I know HP is the same. Last laptop I bought was ASUS about 4 years ago and they supplied it.

  Shorty070875 13:13 23 Jun 2013

Yeah thanks for all the help guys. It's worked not sure if it was switching to Memorex or switching from +R to -R but either way its worked. I think its the manufacturer cos according to specs on Sony site this laptop supports both type of disc drive.

Your right about first time buyers having to burn their own recovery, it probably puts a lot of people off buying them or even worse like me not realising till you've got it that you need to. It's not even like they've dropped the price to cover it if anything they've increased

  martd7 14:46 23 Jun 2013

On my sons viao laptop purchased recently from currys their charge was £15 for recovery discs

We made the recovery discs ourselves on Asdas own brand dvd-r (25 for £2.50)

  Liesbeth_K 15:47 23 Jun 2013

I have the same problem with my Sony Vaio! First I used philips DVD+R discs and now Sony DVD+R but both give the same error. The DVD-burner in this laptop is also compitable with all kinds of DVDs.

  adamr 23:08 23 Jul 2013


I encountered a similar problem when attempting to create DVD recovery discs from Windows 8 (64 bit) from my Sony VAIO SVT1313 S1ES.

Sony helpdesk recommended to uninstall VAIO Care and reinstall it, together with an update, which I did:

click here then connected a Samsung DVD writer (model SE-S084D) only via the 2.0 USB connector (2nd from the front of the laptop, a connection of the DVD writer with both cables and the 3.0 USB connector yields error messages like "An error occurred while verifying the disc. Close this program, restart your computer, then start the process again with a new disc. Discard previous disc. Error code: 142025).

I had already installed the software "Suite Nero 9 Essentials" that had been provided with the DVD writer

Using the VAIO CARE application, I then created under "Create Recovery Media” , 5 DVD-R with the Windows 8 System. (I used TDK DVD-Rs 16X 120 min 4.7GB) (N.B. DVD+R do not seem to work and generate error messages similar to the one above.

Hope this helps

Regards Raymond


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