Sony Vaio recovery CD problem

  MKS 10:00 14 Oct 2007

My sony vaio desktop has a faulty hard disk which cannot be read. I have bought a new hard drive and while attempting recovering the system via it's CD recovery,I get a message "No Emulation" and windows will freeze.I have read on several sites that all vaio depends on certain files on the hard drive to complete the recovery. Sony is not being helpful! I have loaded XP on the new hard drive using another pc but when transferred to the Vaio; it will not work. Any suggestion will be gracefully received.

  Strawballs 10:37 14 Oct 2007

click here I don't know if anything here will help?

  rawprawn 10:44 14 Oct 2007

click here
Join the Forum, there are sme very helpful people who specialise in Sony

  MKS 16:12 19 Oct 2007

Thank you both Strawballs and Rawprawn. After trying various suggestions, I still can't get the PC going. I called Sony premium line support and after cashing in on my calls the Engineer finally told me that I need to buy a hard drive from them inorder to perform the recovery process. I WILL NOT BE BUYING A SONY PC EVER AGAIN.

  rawprawn 16:20 19 Oct 2007

I use Acronis which gives you the opportunity to back up the Recovery part of the hard drive. A lesson to be learnt here for all of us. Back up, backup, and don't forget the Recovery partition.

  MKS 16:31 19 Oct 2007

Thanks Rawprawn. I happen to know someone with a similar PC. Do you think I may be able to copy his backup (recovery partition) onto my new HD?

  rawprawn 16:45 19 Oct 2007

You could give it a try if he has a program similar to Acronis I would think you could Clone it.

  MKS 16:55 19 Oct 2007

I have just spoken to him. He has not got anything like acronis. I will try and download the trial version of Acronis from the official website and give it a go. Will update later.

Many Thanks

  rawprawn 16:56 19 Oct 2007

I have just had another look and I don't think you can do it from another machine, you could Clone it but it would only Clone the whole hard drive so you would end up with his hard drive including his Recovery which might not work on a different machine. You could just try backing up the Recovery Partition to your HD but again when you try to implement it there could be a problem. I suspect that Sony protect their Recovery partitions and that they are unique to a machine.
I'm sorry I don't know the answer, maybe someone else in this Forum can point you in the right direction, but my own feeling is you will have to go along with Sony.
You could always load your new HD as a slave onto your computer, which would make an excellent Backup platform. Good Luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 19 Oct 2007

I have loaded XP on the new hard drive using another pc but when transferred to the Vaio; it will not work.

Put it back in the otherPC and disable the drivers as per click here
refit the drive in the Vaio

If you can get it to boot then
use the other PC to download the VAIO drivers burn to disc
and install in the Vaio.

  MKS 10:23 20 Oct 2007

Thank you Fruit Bat. I will try what you have suggested. The link you have provided is a good one. If the system don't boot up then I will change the MB. It's a socket 462, I should be able to pick one at a reasonable price. But I will not buy that HD that Sony is trying to sell me. I am saying it again, I will NEVER touch a Sony ever again. Even their support line is not very supportive.

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