Sony Vaio - Power ribbon

  belfast_tech 16:08 24 Feb 2011

I've been asked to look at (and hopefully repair) a Sony Vaio laptop - model number: pcg-9u1m. I'm looking for some advice on the matter...

Basically the power ribbon - which connects the hinge cover panel / power buttons, to the motherboard has been broken. The connector on the actual motherboard itself which this plugs into has also been damaged.

I think with the exception of a motherboard replacement, this laptop is now beyond economical repair - although if you can suggest otherwise I'd appreciate it. The actual connector to the motherboard seems rather easily broken & therefore will not hold a ribbon in place should I source a new one.

I'd appreciate any advice please! Thanks

  Audio~~Chip 16:18 24 Feb 2011

What you describe sounds like the VGA Ribbon.
If it is either VGA or Power Ribbon then a new motherboard is not required. I use a business who can supply the part and soilder on new.

Contact me off list if you wish to discuss further.

  Audio~~Chip 11:57 25 Feb 2011

Is it possible to send me a picture, if your unsure how to do this via forum, then don't worry.
I will have a look arround for you but it will be later today.

  Audio~~Chip 23:14 25 Feb 2011

Have you actually stripped down the Sony and removed the motherboard from the plastic facia which would be the underneath ?

  Audio~~Chip 23:31 25 Feb 2011

To confirm you say the ribbon connecting the two (power ribbon) has become damaged & likewise the actual connector on the main board is also broken & will not hold the ribbon in place.

Yes these ribbons hold in the motherboard grips with very, very tiny little plastic grips. Have you attemted to try with tweasers to slot them in with gently pushing the ribbon in fit so to lock it in.

I broke on of these a while back and stuck it in. Trying to find the correct name and match for this part, but it going to take me a day more or all weekend if you can wait.

The actual Lbr repair would cost about £37 and courier postage on top to a excellent guy in the IOM. Wonder if he stocks the part, will call him tomorrow.

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