Sony Vaio or Dell Studio for graphic design???

  marcelo9700 10:33 27 Nov 2010

Hi guys, I need to buy a laptop to work as a graphic designer.
I am between these 2 models. Which one would you pick?
(I think the main difference goes into graphics card an processor)

1- Dell Studio XPS

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 740QM (1.73 Ghz, 6MB, 4C)

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

6GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [1x4096 + 1x2048]

LCD 17.3" HD+ WLED True-Life (1600x900)

500GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive

8x DVD+/-RW, & Blu-ray Disc™ combo drive (reads Blu-ray Disc™ & writes to CD/DVD

3GB NVIDIA® GeForce® ?*GT 445M Graphics Card

Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 (EUR)

Bluetooth Card 3.0 (EUR)

2- Sony Vaio VPC-EC3X

Intel® CoreTM i7-640M, 2.80GHz

Operating system:
Genuine?*Windows® 7 Home Premium

Hard drive:
500 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)


Optical Drive:
Blu-ray Disc™ player

43.8 cm LCD, 1920x1080+ webcam

ATI MobilityRadeon HD5650 1GB

Wireless LAN:
Wireless LAN + Bluetooth®

  letsgetrdy 16:14 27 Nov 2010

I would say the XPS as that gpu is a good bit more powerful (I took into consideration the cpu differences too).

  GaT7 17:04 27 Nov 2010

Yes, the 445M is better of the two, but they are mainstream GPUs, which may make little or no difference with most graphics-related software. If you want GPUs that help the related software, I think the ATI Fire Pro or nVidia Quadro FX 'workstation' series GPUs are the ones to consider.

It would be best to clarify this in the dedicated forums related to the graphics software you'll be using. G

  letsgetrdy 17:56 27 Nov 2010

I'm guessing he will be using photoshop, in that case it will utilise opengl and use either of the two above cards for rendering. Maya and 3d max will also be similar and benefit from the faster card regardless of whether its a workstation card. Of course they would be faster, but unless your making multi-thousand polygon 3d models, you wont really notice. Workstation cards tend to be noticably more expensive, unless you get a crappy one.

  Ashrich 19:34 27 Nov 2010

Don't most graphic designers use a Mac ?


  marcelo9700 21:33 27 Nov 2010

Crossbow7 and Ashrich, you lost me men! It is too much too technical I'm afraid. Please just tell me which of the two computers I'm considering you would choose. Thanks guys!!

  letsgetrdy 21:38 27 Nov 2010

Get the XPS :D, its gpu will benefit graphics design more.

On a side note, my CW vaio is gorgeous and the build quality is high. (I've never used an xps laptop so can't comment on these factors).

XPS will outperform it though.

Also, the vaio uses a full hd resolution 1920x1080 and the xps uses 1600x900 (the xps wont have as much work todo) that will make it EVEN more superior.

  letsgetrdy 21:43 27 Nov 2010

Also mate, that XPS has a faster cpu too.

it will go from 1.76 to 2.93 GHz using its automatic "turbo" feature, which is used when the cpu is needed a lot. In contrast the other cpu in the vaio has a speed of 2.8ghz when using its turbo. I'll guess its normal usage speed is 1.6 (cant be bothered to look sorry). Just pointing this out to you as it may seem misleading.

XPS - 1.73ghz when idle / 2.93ghz when needed
VAIO - 1.6??? when idle / 2.80ghz when needed

the xps has faster cpu and gpu.

hope this helps

  letsgetrdy 21:47 27 Nov 2010

Actually im wrong, that 2.8 is its normal speed, its turbo is 3.46 GHz. so thevaio has a 500mhz advatage. the xps being on 2.93ghz.

THE XPS still has better cpu because it is a quad core with 8 threads, the vaio has 3.46ghz but its only a dual core with 4 threads. This will be very noticable when doing graphics design.

The xps has the cake.

sorry for the jargon. wish you could just edit a post then i wouldnt be doing this!

  marcelo9700 09:23 28 Nov 2010

letsgetrdy you helped me quite a lot! Its is a pity the Vayo -specially the white version- is so sleek and attractive! I think I better drop looks for the Dell

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