Sony Vaio Laptop - repair or ditch ?

  Chris69 17:57 07 Feb 2008


I've a Sony Vaio laptop (PCG Z600NE) that Sony have quoted a total of £575 to repair (of which I've already paid £150 for collection & diagnosis) as they have concluded it needs a new motherboard.

I'd welcome any advice as to whether it's worthwhile proceeding with the repair, or whether I should just ditch it and spend (not much more than the £575) buying a new - albeit non Sony - laptop.

Or perhaps take it to a non- Sony laptop repair centre for a second opinion (in which case any recommendations in/around Leeds ??).

It cost about £2,500 when I bought it new, about 8 years ago (!!).

The problems it has are :

1. The laptop will not start. No lights. No activity. I have tried a new AC charger but problem continues. I have tried all suggestions made by Sony operators for discharging static etc. I have tried with the battery removed and just AC charger connected.

2. Occasionally (once a week ?) it may start, but when it does :

- the Battery Scope utility indicates that battery is 99% charged (but still charging) and that battery wear is 97% good. However, the battery charging light on the front of the laptop does not flash, and if the AC charger is disconnected rather than operating on battery power, the laptop just closes down

- neither the external CD card drive nor the external floppy USB drive (both as supplied with the laptop) are recognised by Windows (e.g. when access is attempted I get an error message along lines of "Access denied" Please connect drive")

Any thoughts would be very welcome !

many thanks

  User-1229748 18:07 07 Feb 2008

if you were to buy a new laptop you'll have a brand new warranty aswell - i'd hate to spend £575 and then have something else go wrong!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 07 Feb 2008

I wouldn't spend £575 on an 8 year old laptop.

You haven't said what the spec is for your machine.

I expect you could probably better that for the £575.

  Rose 18:38 07 Feb 2008

Bin it! If unsure what to replace it with, just ask here. You'll find lots of people with friendly and helpful suggestions.

  deccor 18:46 07 Feb 2008

if you get it started,back up all your files to dvd,go and get a new laptop,for 575 you should be able to get a very good model and reinstall your files.

  wee eddie 18:49 07 Feb 2008

If they haven't wiped it.

Buy an Enclosure (£20) to make it into an External Hard Drive.

Then spend about £550 on the best you can get. A troll around the Web sites, and a visit to PCW should give you a few ideas. Of course you will have to consider the software as well.

As always you more you spend, the more you get, but diminishing returns seem to set in at about £850.

  Totally-braindead 18:58 07 Feb 2008

I can understand why its so expensive to repair a laptop bearing in mind the complexity of dismantling and reassembling it.

My tuppence worth. You've had it 8 years and its bound to have paid for itself in the use you've got out of it. Nothing lasts forever and theres nothing to say that something else might fail a month or two down the line.

Buy a new one. Get the old one back so you can get stuff off the hard drive using wee eddies advice or to destroy the hard drive and try to sell the laptop as parts on Ebay. Maybe no one will want any of the bits but its worth a look to see, you might end up getting a bit of cash back if the parts are in demand.

  silverous 21:45 07 Feb 2008

It is easy with hindsight but I wouldn't have sent an 8 year old laptop away if I knew it was going to cost that before they even solve the issue. A £3-400 laptop today is going to be better than an 8 year old one, you'd have been better off putting your £150 for collection and diagnosis towards a new one. Even if they had found something that costs half that to fix you'd be better off with a new one.

Put it down to experience and treat yourself to a new one for 8 years and thank whoever you attribute it to that it won't cost you £2,500 this time!

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