sony vaio laptop - fix or not fix

  supawoman 07:32 15 Sep 2008

I have a sony vaio laptop (bought it 2nd hand ) have had it about two years and it was about 1 - 1.5 years when I bought it. It badly overheats - and the dc jack (mains socket) is now loose. I have had a quote of £100 (£85 + £15 pickup/return) for these repairs - which I was willing to go with (the man found that the mother board has been burnt and would need replacing for another £100. I can't remember the model number of the laptop Its a 'PCsomething...8jlm' (i think!)- but it has a 17" screen and is a 2.6 gig (processor?) Details on laptop - with repair man !. Based on these sketchy details, can anyone advise me whether they think my machine is worth the spend, cos I said to the man I could probably buy another for not much more, he said yes, but it would not be a vaio. Indian guy - very genuine. Wondered to have a go at fixing it myself and buying the parts - I reckon a lot of the price is on labour - and I have a welding kit - but I read somewhere that this sort of thing is not for the faint hearted!..anyone got any advice on whether I should get this fixed?

  Halmer 09:01 15 Sep 2008

buying a scrapper off ebay and canibalising it?

  supawoman 09:05 15 Sep 2008

...what do you a scrap one and salvage the parts and do it myself. Do you think it would be easy to do..I have never done this sort of thing before..

  Taff™ 10:03 15 Sep 2008

Definitely not easy to do for a first timer and I wouldn`t recommend it. The DC input replacement requires a high powered soldering kit otherwise this melts the motherboard and your repairer has already identified that there is a problem with the motherboard anyway. Effectively, he proposes to replace the board anyway which will have a new DC Jack on it. £200 sounds quite reasonable to me but as you say you may decide to cut your losses and go for another 17" laptop.

These start at about £350 for a Dual Core processor and the Sony`s at around the £600 mark. Whichever option you choose you will have perhaps a three month guarantee on the repair and a full 12 month on a new machine. The battery on your current model may not be in the best condition at the moment and if the screen goes next you`re looking at another £100 or so. Difficult decision so think carefully.

  supawoman 10:08 15 Sep 2008

definitely food for thought. many thanks. alison

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